Saturday, April 18, 2015

april 18 2015
we are hugelky lucky to have  some of the volunteers/staff that we do... like pam 
 who has tremendous organizational skills. (and has been a short order cook inb her career...)
her  occasional  spectacular wisdom is lovely. " whatever the  reason for anything, raising your voice at the person who signs your paycheck is a bad career move."-- brilliant !!!
if that gives me any insulation, i think i am pleased...

for instance.... yesterday we ( steve,tina and we met laura) took dogs ( moriah,charlie , lumin and eroy) to her school in hamilton- the kids were great-- and loved the dogs and pups... -- but therte was one.. child "A"  ... there always is ...started to pick up a pup... and i asked her not to-- and she put it right down nicely...  then later, the pups were behind me and i didn't see another kid pick up a pup-- 
so child A says to me " i thought you said we could not pick up the pups"..
and i.." i did" 
child A " well how come you let her?"

this concept  "well i caught you in an obvious lie which hurt my feelings and therefore you are not being fair and are a bad person"
i have to live with  now and again...the fact that i -- for so many reasons- can not say what my reasons are, i have to sit by- bite my tongue  and watch things get twisted  to meet agendas that bewilder me. 
fact twisting is an art perfected by child "A" and just a couple people around here.
it is awful.. and at times it hurts me-- and others.

bless all of you who are type "B thru Z"

for instance, i have to make a rule to accomodate the least capable person--( as in don't pick up the pups) so  then no one can.
then we started th e  purple shrirt bit - to id who  could do what... and immediately we had  how come i don't have a purple shirt...
sometimes  i just plain did not get  around to it... sometimes i don't konw if we have any-- and sometimes i worry that it would  be misinterpretded to mean privlidges-- particlularly  verbal-- like giving out  sdp policies and opinions...  i tried teh 500 hours rule and immediately got "why did the woman who washed the teepee get a purple shirt?"  ( sound like child A???) i can tell you why.. she was given a job... a big job....... she went away cheerfully to do a great job on just that without branching out into  giving guided tours.
i bet i have had at least a  1/2 dozen nasty emails pretaining to that concept and mentioning the teepee washing as  proof that  i broke the 500 hour rule and are not being fair.

now megan is having  to figure out how to  let some people walk dogs -- around here-- around town--  around teh mall and around a super market.... without hurting anyones feelings...

problem is... there are always  child "A" types  who's feellings  are all set to be hurt... 

 well life isn't  fair- get over it. we  do not have time to untwist every rumor that goes thru facebook.
back to pam's variety of jobs....
i wonder who was collecting the odd jobs alot of us have had... starting with my satelite tracking,  lic tug boat captain.and  engineer/pastry chef who was on our first "board"   it would be an impressive list ....
steve as come in with a beautiful  cake-- which grace called  breakfasts of champions.
it is the last day of his school for a while  so tehy empty the icebox and our volunteers then chickens are the benefactora- apparently we have a huge quantity of  salad, shreded potatos,  cubed chicken adn sausages.

on top or the lamb chops i bought yestrday 

we should survive

Friday, April 17, 2015

april 17 2015
QUICK DOGIE ...  we are due at laura's school down teh driveway at 815--- and i gotr reading about crop circles...

tina... steve/charlie and i will take charlie  mariah and 2 of the netherland pups...
this school bit is something i never in my life thought i would hear about... apparently it is testing week and very stressful  so the school has 20 minute breaks for students to do non stressful things... and that is us...

i dunno


Thursday, April 16, 2015

 april 16 2015
explore put up the bentley picture yesterday? on thier blog
which means i have another to do todya..

i have lined up a few pictures for future blogs, but i can see down the road , this is going to get more and more difficult.
 oh.. we have more--- on the  external drive mark has given me with 43,000 photos on it.
it sits here on  my desk staring at me... daring me to try aND find any specific photo on it.
the additional problem is  coming up with words.. spelled correctly... which form a coherent thought in 3 paragraphs..
but i will try... i will survive...

when i write thie thing i don't worry too much aqbout being coherent...  and io am told my spelling is a  "charming" additon...

the problem i have with mark's 43,000 pictures is that , if i mention one to him,..... he can find it !!!
next problem ---- this cpa course 20 ? volunteers took with alice ( she has pistol/bristol) and works for the red cross...)  apparerntly   she highly recommennded getting  a  heart zapper thing... which sounds a little far out to me.... except we have  a check to use  from costco for about $1000 - which is what they cost...  i remember sitting here discussing it with  a couploe people and saying it would be a good way to use that  $1000... that was a few weeks ago and it has not arrived so i need an update on the propgress of that purchase-- except i can not remember who was researching it.
which brings up another serious situation.
we have no rats in the barn.... to some that may sound strange... but barns have rats-- healthy  grain fed rats--- which we snap trap and feed to george's rehbilitating raptors... to have none???? something is wrong...
i certainly hope no one had put out poison-- that is absolutely forbidden on the property-- on occasion  a dead rat becomes a dane chew toy on ocassion- so a poisoned rat could be deadly..

so with all the problems i have on my plate at the moment, the lack  of nice fat healthy rats in the barn is pretty high on my list.
we are in the situation of having people be able to make decisions on thier own, but the concept scares me badly 
so much is going on and one little slip up can have disastgerous results.
so ..... here comes this accreditation bit again.... we have to make a policy that no changes will be made without my permission
i hate micromanaging... but having rat poison sounds so logical to some people- they might think they were being helpful..
so when i sound like i am being a nosy busybody, i am just trying to keep track of those kind of details in so many situations where i hear only the every fifth word...
 i have been up most of teh night--  can i  prove it????  put it this wqy, i made 20 monkey fists-- that is a couple hours worth
now i think i wil go to breakfast at the only place i know that is open at this hour (5:30)   the truck diner on rt 1
they have great eggs benedict-- how great?? i do not know the exact cause, but  shortly after i was there last time  i had food poisoning....  it is a busy place -- it should not have been that....  who knows..

i may in a few hours...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

april 15 2015
sheila drove up from florida to take her friend for chemo all last week.  . last night she died..
in an entire lifetime you don't get many really good friends..i think sheila lost one last night.

it is possible to forget the people who made you miserable,
  but those who made you really laugh you never forget
---even i don't forget them !

however i sometimes forget to contact them.. and then something like sheila's friend happens.
!   so that is a project for the day. touch tendrils (even tho i think my high school friends bobbie, steve and dar read this???)

it is no secret i am less than thrilled at this^&%**((&*& accreditation...i hate the whole thing... and then a piece comes to rest where sheila( obrien who  will be our 'inspector') with her long red fingernailos, is.. i hate to say correct.. but ?helpful??

 had an email from jon hice ( annenberg foundation) questions about our 990 form... which involves "these %*)()_(*_) 'policies' that sheila is badgering me about.... typically the entire- section  gets all checked "no"-- no joint ventures, no ceo compensation, no tanning booth kind of thing... but in th emiddle i could say yes to -- we do have a policy of locking up documents and disposing by burning in the fireplace... and i think i saw in the last accreditation , a written  whistleblower  policy... whatever that is..

 i emailed  the answers( tina checked the spelling)  and said theresa would type an official letter in the morning--- thankfully he said "no need to do that "
i am assuming the answers were  ok-- it never occurred to me he could just as well have been telling me they were all useless.

we are a small efficient  episode without many of the complicatons of running general motors.  like how often do the directors meet?.. well they are  in and out of here at least 1 per  week- do we write a report?  whatever happens is in this  daily doggie... iprobably not what thei irs types had in mind... but it is wonderful to deal with someone who can make that work..  the value of content... not appearences of content.

also -- hopefully his email indicates they were getting ready to write checks-  there ae a couple projects on hold til we have that grant money in hand.... or bank...
another washer dryer in the cellar is high on the list.  the laundry wascomatt is getting old-- it has lead a hard life-- and rather than replace it-- i think adding  too the laundry project in the house would be most helpful

ryan i s supposed to be getting the green golf cart out and working --??? today???  i hate to see people carrying tubs of laundry down the driveway.
and the pond is open.... it is mudsville-- big time-- the  huge wad of snow on the hill is still draining into the pond, but i did managet  to get out to the 'compost' pile and add1000 pounds of lime and turn it all over... churning up the pile is a perfect job for someone who wants to learn to use the back hoe.-- it is in 3 sections current ..semi old   ---  and old ( about 3 years??)
someday we may be able to try and  have grass and mow... we don't mow the lawn, we mow the green weeds.
april 15th ?? isnt that hte day we have to file for an extesion??
historically the local libraries have all the forms needed... because .. you will not believe this...  some of the irs forms online are not to be used to file-- they are practice ones- you have to get the identical ones in the mail...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

april 14 2015
tina and ajay have arrived in a great flurry last night... and are up this morning wanting to help..
this is a good thing.

between accreditation and a screwed up interneit, i have not had much time to do anything enjoyable.

so the dd this morning is danm details--

cranney company is due in here today to work on the screwed up electral pannel in the laundry building..
the big heavy wire once went from teh house to the barn-- and i had a small magazine shed perched over the 5'deep wire..
and tehn the magazine business grew- so did the shed.. and finally i buile-- with my son in law's help, what is now the laundry building.  in the process-- a guy named george ( not veternarian) came round   he's  a very bright freind, when people began to insist on things like building permits etc.. he got his electrical, pluumbing, and whatever other permits he could grandfather into... his line of work was rocket scientist-- or something like that...- at any rate he pulled that deep wire up and hooked it up so we coul d pass electrical inspection- and then we started.. a wire for this   a circuit for that .  addthe t tent and a circuit in case we needed to weld-- to which we hooked the dryer..  in other word life went on.. and along the way we misplaced th emetAL COVER- and had to build a cabinet over it. 

shielas husband- an electritian- has been a nervous wreck ever since he saw that spaggetti bowl of wires..  so the crannie company is coming tiday to just plain fix it.  in the process install a proper wall furnace/ac-- and i hav not told then  yet that the hot water heater quit.
other minor disaster is there is so much snow that the million dollar dry well off the laundry  ain't dry -- and the entire aresa is afloa  the one off teh barn is ok--  as that alundry washer gets more tired, the concept of puttin one in the house cellar looms possible and the septic system here is -- supposed to be enough for a small motel... so that may be the way to go when we get the annenberg grant.  lugging laundry in muck buckets is constant- and irht now  the only working washer is in the barn..;

cranney is here.  we will loose elect  for 10 minutes morning and night as  we deal with elect in the t tent    camera   comes from there

Monday, April 13, 2015

april 13 2015
have we actually made it????  they are promising 70 degrees today...
if that would just get the ice off the pond, the dogs will have that extra running room...

the gate has been locked since  it froze last ---whenever it froze.
and i might even get to ride...

being able to ride the golf cart around the pond  to exercise the dogs is a big deal too.

and i will be able to figure out the fencing for around the mucky area-- which would be another big step forward in our outfit.
that will enable us to use the "A" field  which would then be donut shaped ---with nearly 1/4 mile  loop.  

we did get both groups out in the nice air yesterday   and chaos baby sat the bigger ones..
with earlene's help.. 
chaos and bailey wer sleeping on "the bed" in the  sun and all of a sudden chaos bolted-
only one reason... earlene was here...

exercise cures alot of problems with pups... and the older group is now following the canned food pretty well.
the little ones are still  transported  in the" puppy bus"

one of the older pups... i still do not have the naems straight.. but one of the black females... has been more excitable than i like with the face biting etc... with no mommy here to correct her... i grabbed her neck and pinned her for a split second and let go... she backed off and looked at me.. so i patted her quietly and for the rest of the afternoon she was perfectly behaved...

there s alot of dog training in that maneuver .  i have seen teh mommies do it very often-- the object  is to let go very quickly and walk away to let them think... you do not want them to have time to think of struggling-- just a quick knock to the floor "with purpose" let them go and don't even go near them.  rarely do you have to do it twice in one time period...  but it must be  done instantaneously...when they are in attack mode with a sibling. if they start to struggle you have held on tooooo long. 
you want the "now how did that happen?" response. 
 and you do not want to be near when they are trying to figure it out.

mark took a picture of teh wrinkly teepee-- maybe none of you realize that a wrinkle in the teepee is the sign of a sloppy housekeeper in the indian world...
lord knows we need to un wrinkle that as soon as we have a few more people around... it will come apart easily.. because it is attached to  only one pole-- the "lift pole" -- so we need to unwind it, gather and tie it to the lift pole-- then re-lift that pole and  unwind the canvas again... shold be wrinkly free then...

there is a video of th eputting up of the tipi--  which according to the book can be done by an indian woman in an hour.
could be-- but-- probably  not a 77 year old woman

and the bible of tipi living is a book by gladys laubin the indian tipi 

a teepee ( or tipi) can be lived in year round.... in the rockeis.... i had a relative who did that...and wrote a book 

there is a picture of her on the cover with not many clothes and a big armful of marajuana.
she talks about my arrival  on page 35.. or somewhere...

i think she had a gov't grant to study the life..  it is an interesting read,,, 
and the pictures of the house they built themselves on the side of a hill smack of ultimate  skill

that's the  lesson for the day.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

april 12 2015
i have to confess.... i am a muffin topper...
it all depends on how you look at things...
as a muffin topper i am a hateful creature...
however if i ate the whole muffin  no one would put that sinful label on my breakfast activity...

i can tell the kind of day it will be-- i just spent a frantic 3 minutes looking for my cell phoine which i could hear making an "incoming " noise, only to find it was bailey snoring.

snoring.... the "dutchie" 
harl pup snores-   a pesimist could worry about the shape of parts of her throat
and  i am sure george could tell me why- but  bailey snores- and has for 12 years and counting
so maybe it is a good thing.

goal of the day-- get the older pups out on puppy hill about 1:00 and maybe the younger ones out in the puppy bus.. we could set up a pen behind the tipi  for a breif "puppy march"   - grace says the grandchild's pen may be clear of snow...( that is the one ourside the t tent,  i built that because janine wanted someplace safe to put colby   that was safe... kind of an indication of the type place this is... pen up the kids and leave the dogs loose.)

alot of us have been working on this medical form that shiela ( obrien) says we must have.  i am hearing  that if 'sensative' information is kept , the staff needs to have hyppa training-- re trained  yearly..  more of the same--layers of rules and regulations... i am thinking bud could be our manager  of extraineous information.. the ultimate security-- the fireplace-- burn it.

we will have several of the board of directors here today-- and  we need to have them log in on what we want to do.
there are several things of which  i am certain- i don't need to know about  an applicant's vericose veins. i have no medical training and can call 911 very fast. for what we do, we do not need to know alot of what the guide dog foundation  requires.
and then there is the ability of a computer to falsify letterheads and who checks signatures anyway??  we all found out about that  just lately...  and we should have  known-- what doctor writes an 8 page letter which  includes the  design of the handicapp bathroom required... ...i should have known...... well i do now.. letterheads and signatures  do not a valid document make.
 experience comes from bad experience.  94% of our application process is the personal interview... and if a person has an amputation, i bet we notice.

take bella and george--- were we supposed to keep  all that we needed... her diagnosis-- under lock and key, only to have it explained  in detail  in the newspaper???
as soon as i finish this ... i am going to try and put a "do not include " statement on this medical information sheet "--the information on this paper will  not be kept securely."

coming right down to who gets a dog,  we have found the best candidates  are ones who are open and factual- if someone is worried about who knows what..  their paperwork is going to slip to the bottom of the pile.  just like a person,regardless of thier medical problems  maintains at least a warped sense of humor is inclined to  stay in the current  pile of possibilities.

applicants here are often known by  the "parkinson from amesbury"   if that becomes  illegal  we will have to redo our filing system 
 "joe,ms,nh ok"  tells me about all i have to know... and you can even leave  off teh joe part - until they actually get here.
next problem
we are going to have a parking  problem as  the summer goes on... especially when we have pups.  there is a public road behind the arena- where people could walk up over the hill and land  in th e arena-- i need to ask teh police... and then notify the neighborhood and welcome them to join us...  and tehn pray...