Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 21, 2011

i have donned my orange outfit--- to remind me-- we really should try pistol again...with our scientific "life span of a sperm" study that was done Sunday afternoon...   if she is still in heat ... we better   fil'er up... again today.
speaking of filling up... tom said gas may go to $6/gal
i have a way of making it $2 again-- commute with 2 friends-
there will be a direct ratio- hopefully---  the higher the price- the higher the concentration of humans per vehicle.
an unamerican concept i know.
but maybe
along with studying the number of trash trucks going to maine, i study the number of occupants in a car.
back to filling up pistol... megan.... get ready--- actually paul will be here today too.
so we have the correct inseminating  pipettes  18" long--- by actual measurement
they only need to be ?10"?-- these must be for a horse -
the reason i don't want to use the long stiff plastic is all that leverage if she moves-
and if we cut it off we are dealing with the rough  edge   
george....... you there today?
last time i used the "soft" plastic hose  - same diameter-  and it slid into place easily--- well actually  it slid into her- somewhere-- no yellow fluid came out so it was not her bladder--- 
and janine just called-- to say the little black and white horse stud is still here-- and has no owner ( not sure how that happened)  but you know my theory on fate--- and here i sit with those 18"long pipettes for sperm delivery
how would everyone like a black and white spotted mule????
A quick note before we leave. JoAnne called last night
and said Scott was very impressed with their visit to the
farm. They have reviewed many charities and SDP ranks
high in their list.
See you in a couple of weeks,
i think what really hit home was the statement "i have learned to keep the volunteers entertained- otherwise i would have to pay them"--- he thought about that and chuckled a long time on that.
entertaining may include chickens  but a mule... i think that might be too might change mary's perfect personality.