Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25, 2011

pups had a grand day out in the "V" pen next to the t-tent..... and we had a grand bunch of new/stewers. 
from extremely weird philo dough appetizers megan produced   to costco ham ,veggies, a salad sort of thing and cocconut cake--- for the first time ever--- we had a balanced meal---( unlike the day we ate 5 chocolate cakes)--
 pot luck-- you takes your chances
we did not try and harness the black and white stud-- there were sooo many cars around that if he got to running he could have caused a  tornado type disaster- frightened horses have been known to try and climb over cars
it is very hard on the cars...
we had no dog fights--
 only a concern that i dreamed paul's truck ran into the pond-  but it didn't seem to happen...  at least yet.
only dog concern today is  merlow's red drinking water--- merlow must have a cut in her mouth that has not healed----- the only place i see it is in her drinking water-
always a puzzle---   gums are pink- so she has not run out of blood yet..
i saw this yesterday -- and really assumed it would heal by today--- but this morning... same red.. nothing else seems wrong with her
so george here we come..  ??blood work?? she is a "lilly" child
i hope she cut herself--- i do not want any genetic nonsense.
she has eaten everything off the counters intended for the chickens-- so it could easily be a bone or plastic etc....
but it should have stopped by now..
the pups played so hard yesterday they slept right thru to 2:30am...  when i got up and fed them a dog food meal--  having it all ground up ready to be mixed and moistened with goats milk  made it relatively painless-- i would have been much more cheerful if they could have waited til 5am ... however.....
bud came late and we had a very smokey mess of a fire  without his management.
hillari ( dress blues hillari) helped out doing stuff--
 and bella and family were here- bella looks great  in spite of recent surgery
the 3 merle girls are getting up there--- born 2003  --- i have not heard from melissa and annie  or susan and maude...  lately... any reports???
now that i am studying head patting--- ony one pup--pi-- seems to object-- one wonders why- 
 it might not be fear--- but just plain..............  "i don't like that"
which would turn the term "fear biting" into "quit hitting me or i will hit you" concept.
peggy suggested i read a book on head  patting-- but if i did it might color my observations.  sometimes an empty head works better.  besides reading is not my speciality.
olive and bumpy  ran around the pond--- but that is all they did-
old wives tale is that as soon as they concieve they go out of heat
if that is true--- boy was that quick !
 bud and i were all set to look for "swimmers"  but there werre none to be had.... at least easily had.
bud and i took a loooonnnngggg time getting the microscope all ready to observe the bumpy produce    .... by getting the old slide in focus-
then danielle came in- tweeked the knobs once into perfect focus in all of 2 seconds-
....  it was that education thing- she  probably read the directions at some point.
then there was a discussion - that bobby and frankie are both kept with females for companions-- bumpy is not--- bumpy wasted no time-- where both bobby and frankie resulted in the plastic performance.
currently they are all howling--- big time--- at least the 3 studs are singing --- very loudly
hopefully the neighbors do not recognize the noise as  from a dog.
today's schedule
the usual--- maybe a ttrip to george's  -- down the drive  10:00 ish  then "around" training. for a while
maybe some raking--- i bought 2 new ones--- feel free to use them anywhere to scratch up leaves and pine needles-  "getting it done" is not in this process-- just do a square and quit-- the entire thing is just too over whelming.   leave the rakings around trees or along fence lines... where i can not mow anyway..
message from shanghai  in case you thought the world was new england
Hi, this is Jeff Wu from Shanghai, China. We are a factory who produces (makes) dog clothes, harness and toys.

Please reply if you are interested.

Best regards,
Jeff Wu

so i answered--- maybe he has access to  the  double ended solid brass snaps to which we are addicted
i have been known to find them for $1. each   if so i'll take 4 dozen
they roam... badly