Friday, May 13, 2011

May 13, 2011

new york is still there-- i do not know why  but there were- conservatively hundreds of policemen in the area of battery park..  they didn't seem to be paying too much attention to anything-- so all i could figure is that it was part of the mkovie being filmed there now.
we made it- and in the case of our car--- thanks to maria being wide awake at 12:30am as a small sportscar zoomed out of 93 and cut us off big time.
other than that-- the pups traveled very well and  were of course a huge hit-- the big dogs did their jobs  ..with many toh people talkimg to david , jim  nand paul--- who was handling bailey in harness--
 earline-- with her hair not out of place  was also a great pr person...megan and hillary's youth was a big factor in all that stuff into and out of the third floor
we think.... maria and i... that there were fewer people.. and there was a big display of jewelery for a silent auction-- and of the 30 pieces-- which i only glanced at so not to be too obvious  i saw only one bid.
i did get to meet the new ceo of neads-- he is a significant structure- i would like to spend more time discussing things with him.. like gentle leaders nd harness handles.
and we did meet a shev x lab pup that made it... wearing a huge harness of a blind person-- but the owner was not blind-
i did get the card of the new ceo of neads -- and gave it to paul- i hope i get it back before it goes thru the laundry.
but the cars now need to be emptied and returned before 8:30   and they are full of "stuff"
i hope voluteers show up today  we will be dragging
make that... i am draggin'

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