Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 15, 2011

she was not squirting blood--- but she was a mess- thanks to bailey-- and now needs "handle with care"
they -luna and bailey got in a fight-- in the A pasture-- and luna now has a torn ear--- and a gash on her front leg..-  they are sisters and have been living together for years--- 7 of them to be exact...  and have had battles before--   why now????--- probably over a squirrel-- something to get the excitement level up...
i bandaged for a while til it stopped bleeding-- and now she is licking the leg and it is clean. 
but the torn ear means she will not push her way thru the doggie door so the 2 doors from room to deck have to stay open-- and she will be in the intensive care unit ( tv room)
merlow goes home today so those 3 can come in the house again
and the pups spend the day on the deck- with run in area...
i wondered why i was so stiff and sore--- it was that  puppy "barrier"  weighs a ton--- and  needs about 1" cut off with a hand saw--- maybe someone at the stew today can do that...  it is a very handy 28" tall which means we can step over it-- using the rope now hanging over a beam...
.log homes are wonderful-- i hate to think of all the holes that i have banged at random-- the puppy barrier just has a few more...
and.. i put merlow out with her pups while i de-poo'd the vinyl floor...( they re beginning to come for canned food)   and 4 came-- i got them anchored and went to look for merlow and she and the tiny pup were down on the path--- right next to that stream-- when i called them    merlow ran up the hill-- but that little pup followed her path even when merlow was out of sight.--it was a long haul.. ...
that means we should get the nuthouse hill ready for the  pups next---  which means chaos ( red drip) can move to the laundry.
round we go--
normal stew schedule today--
hanging out
fire going
food-- probably--

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