Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 17, 2011

i was really not prepared for 5 days of heavy rain and cold--- i had figured the pups could start their journey from the living room   to the  back room/deck--  then nut house -- in their usual rotation  to puppy kennels 9/10  and the training kennels 1 thru 8
and then the rains started--- and i had best spend my time building an arc
the whole thing got complicated by bailey and luna getting in a fight   - and bailey would love to continue it as she wanders so innocently past luna with her head ever so slightly raised--
 until i pick up the whiffle bat and raise that ever so slightly-  bailey's
vhead drops like a rock.
didi is booked for spay on monday===   hopefully she won't come in heat by then
we got the council of aging van-- nice van--- 2003    102000 miles on it
\i stopped in the mechanic's and invited him to drive  round the block-- it was shifting differently than i was used to ( the ambulance)  who knew which was wrong??  he said this coa van was well worth the price we paid ($1)  and would probably go another 100,000 miles - especially driven locally-- he suggested we rent vans for any trip to nyc... 
it certianly is "tight" compared to the ambu..
and is 11 passenger..
instead of taking out seats, i want someone to make some coffee table things so the dogs can ride "seat level"  and if we need to carry people, just turn the coffee tables upside down.
i have done this kind of thing before in a car-- i would pack the foot area with newspapers for carrying animals -- and throw the papers out to carry people.
 it works
did i spenty the night with megan--- shopping at christmas tree shop-  that has to be the ultimate madhouse--- and didi did perfectly i am happy to report.  she loves the attention of everyone.
manny is gettting pretty good at that too
today-- maybe anne will be around--- for puppy patting---
and we can contemplate the cocktail table concept -- i wish milk crates were just a bit  bigger..  they would work too- then we could stack them..
i think i have seen rectangular "milk crates" instead of the usual square ones.
we can go on a hunt..

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