Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19th, 2011

there will be considerable less bounce in these DD as i spend the first 4 minutes of  my day saying  DON'T STEP IN THAT to happy puppies 
 then the next 21 minutes washing the floor. 
but i have it down to a science now..
the exciting part---- is that   i went to home depot to get some more floppy cotton ends to the mop i am using--  only to find they are being discontinued-- and the key to that is when you ring yourself out--- they cost a penny.... instead of $7.99
  clue--- if you go thre the registger the one penny is to tell the staff to get them off the shelf-- so use the self check out.
 now when megan gets here i will forward the sku for that -- and if theresa or someone can stop in the home depot at libertree  and get me a few--- they beat turkish towels for drying the floor
these funny little corporate secrets--- like costco's star in the top right means  the object will not be reordered.... at least for a few months.
manny and didi are doing very well---  not quite to the very light control of  "carry a tray of waterglasses in your hand with the leash"  but not bad.. and manny has decicded patting is a good thing--  getting things off a shelf over his head when he can not get away because he is blocked by the carriage  was a little worrisome-- but that is within the normal range of panic.
and he almost has the "we will eventually find your sister --- so knock it off" down pat too.
i wish i had a video  of them loading into the new van''' they stood in a row with maeag  who then told them one at a time to climb in--- and they were on the button... like clockwork.
and that comes from-- or starts with--- the spoon feeding when you call their name.
we had a report that juno is acting wierd-- ? pregnant??
ultra sound said no-- which has been known  to establish  ---yes preg is a yes... but no has been known to be a yes too-- or a false preg.
so on we go

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