Friday, May 20, 2011

May 20th, 2011

clean floor-- 16 "bend over  p/u's" -all nice cylinders---  a bit of rice in one or two (indication of tape worm---) we had  wormed the pups only  for roundworms last time.
another week or two and we can do the all wormer-
this is the first time i have seen "rice"-- could have come from the rescue dogs from new york-- or just out of the clear blue sky--  tapes are often caused by ingesting a flea and the rice is the ???egg container??? .
we will keep after it- in another month or two ( i will read the directions later--- i think it was to be 3 months.)
we really need to understand this coa van-  and get it under control-it came with closets of emergency supplies-  wheelchair tiedowns-  8 electric buttons- a wheelchair lift  and seat belts that i could not understand from a moving vehicle.
it also has a cardboard box of cleaning supplies.
the dogs can ride on the double seats very nicely--- except they are faux leather and in good shape at the moment so maybe just covering them would be a way to go.
one double seat is not attached to the floor properly--- so that needs attention.
bud changeed the oil-- or filled it up-- whatever,
he thinks the phone number will peal off--- that is a big deal- as i have visions of people calling them to say i have parked crooked-or something.
maybe that can be a Sunday stew project.
the only thing that does not work is the windsheild wipers--- so the ambu is the raniny day vehicle.. and we need to get coa inspected in 7 days.
got to read the dog food labels and get the pups off this purina puppy food-  it is %$50/bag  and i bet it is very similar to regular.. 
they are getting a vitamin pill every day.
thanks to lynn we are getting $500 from metlife-
and then there is TOH---  we have not received the $14,000 from them yet...
mark is bringing juno for a visit this morning-- he says she is "twichy"  and personality changes are often related to pregnancy--- ( or possibly false preg... george did sound machine inspection and saw no pups-- he could be right-- he sometimes is [he will get me for that one])
all i can go on is the combination  of facts  --- shape?  milk?  and she is not skinny in the first place.... it is one of those  wait long enough and you will know  in the meantime give her a one a day vitamin and see what happens next.
other than that.....

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