Monday, May 23, 2011

May 22, 2011

large news from the Sunday stew--- is we (bud paul) opened a lantern battery a video  of which has been going around the internet and did not get the 32 AA size  in the video   but 4 oversize  "D"
i am not sure we should call that myth- busted--- or if we had a different lantern make.
continuing with flashlight theme---maria left our million dollar flashlight on the table in the guest house--after new york trip
did anyone move it??  it needs to be in the charger -- it is a critical part of our equipment as i can see from the house to the barn with it-- if so will you please see that it gets to the charger near the puppy home base.
2 former dane owners arrived here yesterday-- they had lost their dane last month and needed a dane fix.  they re not on this DD yet.
they seem to be very caring dane types and i immediately thought they might be frankie minders-- they live in beverly-- he works at the Audubon.. and has time to volunteer here???  he will come here this afternoon
bob if i am not around yet  take him in hand and figure him out-- i should be back....
 the other problem is that they are used to the normal breeder language of signed agreement re dogs and breeding.
i have never bothered because if i can not take their word for something  an agreement would probably only make a lawyer wealthy arguing about it/
so how to get the message across  that they are joining a group-- expected to stay involved and  turn  up occasionally-and report any problems to us for discussion.  and use george as vet should probably be expected...
plus  not neuter frankie without discussing it with us first.
those of you who have some of our "parking placements"  chloe--olive--pistol--bumpy--merlow--moxie--and ann's bunch
could you write a few words as to how this works??
these people live in beverly so staying involved should not be a problem.
didi is due to be spayed--- i will take her down and start her-- and lori will take over  the wake up part and bring her home. 
pups are doing splendidly at the name calling spoon feeding
 it is soooo much easier with the 5 at this point--- and they do not all look alike which is another blessing// 
interesingly-- XL--- the "runt" still needs a lift to get on the sofa-- the rest of the litter just yesterday managed to get up there themselves..  she puts her fron t paws up--- then looks right at me  with a pathetic "please"
another day or two and she will make it too.
and then there was the rice vs tapeworm study-- which any knowing person would have found amusing... but we struggled-- book in lap--  they do look alike--we decided the current bunch of "post dog"rice looking  pieces were actually rice that resembled the pre dog rice-- but the post dog-- pre treatment were probably eggs of worms..
what we did discover is that between ivermectin and fenbendazole plus this prazxxxxx  in that allwormer from australia --- all the dog worms in that book   were covered with 2 exceptions-- coccidia and and espphigial worm
coccidia is a problem i knew that new york kennel struggled with -- as in the 5 rescue dogs we got from there...
and yesterday was just too confusing for jasper to think of chaos properly-- he got distracted--- there were a bunch of dogs/people here--megan and i will take the problem seriously today-- it is time. 
short dog today---  i have to get the water out of didi's stall--  they are all asleep-- and the minute i wake them up i have to get that water out.
it was supposed to be removed last night..PRN MIDNIGHT)-- not so simple without the wonderful flashlight.
as for upset tummy's-- i  have bad vibes about crimson's tummy  i think she should get some pepto today   and be sure she is eating right.
after i gave a generic communial snack.. she threw up yellow-- and no food-
and we had one pile of loose bm in this morning's collection from the 5 pups.  all the rest were
tidy cylinders !!!
i think it is her

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