Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1, 2011

yelling "uncle"  !!!
we now have enough grocery bags  for a moment-  it looks ike a lot  but we will run out  so keep them coming--- but don't collect them from your neighbors in the process.
buying them- they were $11 per 1000
now they are $15  (bless the oil crowd...)  and it is only sloppy management that i should ever have to buy them..
having a wandering finger as i check myself out of home depot often gets us a few extras too . 
if i can now switch the effort to 3x5 cereal box cardboard..
cut is great-- i definitely need one STRAIGHT edge
or if you can't cut them... i have now left my ancient but honorable paper cutter in the tent so we can cut boxes while relaxing in the fresh air...
jackie is surviving very well doing megan's job
megan left l-o-n-g  lists
and xl can now get up on the couch by herself
henry came by yesterday with heydawg--  he is very sorry to report that christine's problems are progressing to the point of he can not cope.  he does not want to leave her alone even for a few minutes--
this concept of caring for the caregiver is a real thing-  but in his situation  he has no extra minutes for heydawg  
he thought he would bring him back on sunday-- when fido can babysit heydawg for the transition-   he likes fido--
other than that...

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