Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 13, 2011

MEGAN TOOK FIDO... HEYDAWG... AND BAILEY  LAST NIGHT  we were concerned about heydawg and the wood stairs/slippery floor syndrome.
Everyone is doing great. They had a nice long run around the yard. We all went upstairs hey took his time but he came up.
I got up and went down stairs to eat dinner and at first none of them moved. As I was eating I heard a dog on the stairs, it was fido with hey right behind him!! I gave them both some chicken and then as if she knew I was handing out food baily came running down:) we are having a great time.
Ill see you tomorrow
i have to admit  she certainly is not blooming,.... rounding out.. indicating any of those kind of things normal for  pending delivery
-my only hope is... i didn't think merlow was pregnant either-- and she had the 5 pups
pistol is a really big dog-- and she does have a week to go...
and they did see something on the ueltrasound--- 6-8 thingsthat the could not figure out what they were besides pups...-- and then we remembered pistol was the rock eater as a pup--- maybe ?????
she was on the sofa next to my comupter--- and when i went to bed pi did some significant barking-- when i looked pi was on that sofa and pistol was looking for a place to sleep.
a little audacity is good--- but i think we have to watch her !!
no further from bernard  so they must be struggling on.
maybe take bobyy to see george today--he has a pequiliar discharge--
and carry pi along for the ride.

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