Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 15th, 2011

reminder--- we have very few smokers around here---so to refresh your memory.. smoking is allowed only while you are touching the vehicle in which you came.
and one other chore.... any smoker has the immediate chore of raking the hay away from the door to the collects there from mary and the hay drop-- and even a  total stranger is inclined to not enter the barn with a cigarette by dropping it before they go in the barn.
and in this case that hay collection could be fatal..
besides what better chore to do???
manny  progress
All joking apart he is making progress by significant measures.
Although it takes some time he now makes it to around 6:00 am to 7:00am to enthusiastically stand there and place his head in the collar,select a spot,circle it and pee.Inside for a bowl of breakfast and outside for a poop.We are keeping our fingers crossed,
this lunch time he made a slight move to the pooping exit and I took the hint..he produced gallons.He comes when called and willingly comes to his food. He now has two toys and althoough he has damaged a good pair of shoes is not chewing the furniture.He plays with the toys and makes great leaps to play hunt them.
His bed is the subject of much makes a lot of noise as he adjusts it. I sound like a new mother but you asked me to tell you !! I made up his bed with mattress pads and a huge cushion on top.He looked under cushion,pushed  his head under the cushion,pushed the cushion to the end,pushed it over for a pillo .Lay down .head on the pillow and went to sleep.
He follows wherever wherever Burness and I go.
I think you need not worry about him. But I will
the usual day
in the out and around portion----- i think i will have this be key day.. and get all the car keys duplicated
other chore is to check on the linnens for the guest house..
and remove any of the frozen rodents from the freezer to george's owl dept.
i have not heard from barbara yet..

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