Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 16th, 2011

i have a lot to do today  and as soon as anyone gets here, i had better get at it.
parts of the lawn... and just a walk around...
bud is here today and he can check all the gas tyoe stuff in the vehicles..mowers etc
bud2 and tony will be a huge help 
if bud2's wife is here she could manage the pups
the guest house looks good--
interesting chore might be to cut the legs off the table soon to be a coffee table.
we might need a hand saw for that..
barbara said she might be up this morning-- we have set up the training room for her and guy-- seeing as that could be a months visit-- her son has still not regained consciousness..
 and the person of interest said his eta would be about 2
and you would not believe this floor !!!  massive cleanup needed here.
another 3 pounds
please show up at random  and save me