Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 22, 2011

slight delay in the daily doggie
 because olive stood up !! split second--- but she stood and is now resting on her sternum quite comfortable looking.
she had 2 minor meals since 11pm - and this morning i did manage to roll her on to the other haunch-- the "downside leg" takes a beating if we don't rotate her.
bonnie's concept of putting her front end  on a wedge pillow to slide that mass of pups rearward off her diaphragm  seems to be a good idea- her respirations are very regular.  yesterday they were not.  we even tried the oxygen  but she would nave none of that.
maybe-- just maybe  whatever she had is being  helped by the 4 days antibiotic.
the plan  now is---
well--- start with the facts  --- she was bred april 23 25 27 and sperm lives a few days (on a warm desk at any rate) so first possible conception is 4/23
--- but could be a few days after 4/27 which gets us to Monday Tuesday Wednesday of next week..   making it unsafe to just plain do a c section on friday--   but of course--- there is a blood test to see if the pups are ready
so  the plan is blood test on thursday--- and if they are ready do the c section on friday-- but if they are not--- george's is closed over the weekend  and george is in ohio---  with andover emergency vet serv covering-
i have been there once-  with bobby-- $500 for not much  so i was worried
i called and asked what an emergency section would be on the weekend- and she said $2500.  which is actually less than i had thought.
so that is the plan--- keep gas in the durango-
yesterday i did not see how she could keep going til monday--- but today she looks nearly normal--
when her "family " arrives i bet she goes outside with minimal trouble,
i just don't dare do it alone.
it is hillary's day to drive tom  ( i bet olive out weighs hillary  by 50 pounds)
figure if there are 10 pups  at 1.25 pounds each plus an equal amount of "attending goo" olive is carrying an extra 25 pounds. 
i bet paul comes today to help-- he is olive's stepdad 
moving on----
barbara's son-- with the cycle accident-multiple skull fractures etc 
 DAY TWELVE ...still waiting for him to open his eyes..I saw each hour on the clock again last they will insert the feeding tube and take out the breathing tube. they said he should wake up today or tomorrow... still waiting............B
i hate to think of her trying to drive out of boston with no sleep -- which was her last known means of getting there...
we did figure she could take the train from beverly and then the green line for much less than parking and gas....  but with no sleep it gets to be a safety issue too
barbara if you are stuck give us a call and somehow someone will come get you.. and your car.
brainstorm of the day..
 i remembered gay rolands and her cane-- and how much she is like christine who had heydawg...  in spite of hey's massive size he is  a very delicate dog
anne and i took heydawg to meet gay at her work at the community college.
she was thrilled with him and he seemed to approve of her-- he needs a job and will be much happier with her.
she had some paperwork to do--- like getting verification of her vertigo from her doctor -- 
plan there is for her to come over Saturday night and spend the  required 24 hours with him-   she has even had danes before.
she has been around here a lot
famous for shucking the 3 bushels of corn for the clambake -- and paying $100 for the privilege of bringing her grandson here on Sunday to collect the day's fresh eggs.
and rhea must not have killed that woman's cats-- as she nas not been returned--- i did get her name  from janine--  she is a polo guru-- not the kind in the fancy hat-- the kind with callous' on their hands.
there is a saying around here that before any of these polo men think of marrying a woman she has to prove she can ride one horse and lead 4 others and gallop thru the woods  to keep the polo ponies fit so the men can ride on polo day.
kieth called and they are doing well  he is working 5 days a week  his only comment is hudson has developed an aversion to slippery floors too--
 what is this???  what are we not doing???
hudson will just get behind kieth's chair and hide-- thus not pulling him-- but at least not pulling him backwards either...
danes and their quirks--- does make life interesting.
and on top of  that    luna is red ( i.e coming in heat)
not the ideal-- but might be our last chance to get more bobby puppies----
 by the time she is fertile we will know about olive's brood.

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