Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 23, 2011

no sign of pups yet -  temp 99.9 -  megan did get the oxytosin shots from george's office-- we are to call him before use-- i have his cell somewhere
he is in  ?? australia??    so we are as ready as we can be---
ready-----with the possible exception of my missing collection of cheap washcloths --  cheap as in flimsy- nearly self destruct in the dryer-- but are easily stuffed in your pocket as drool cloths ----
 the kind in walmarts---- 4 dozen  for $8 .
 we may need those-  for those quick swipes at some totally unattractive fluid.
an exact olive report
she did not eat any dry food or cottage cheese overnight--- but after a brief walk ( where she emptied the required containers) she did eat some cheese-- and has gone back to "sofa"  after clinging to me saying "where's priscilla?"
re: dogs talking---- i had a splendid conversation with heydawg last night-- many unique  and changing tones besides the traditional "woof"-- he would make a short "sentence" then i would repeat it.. he was obviously enjoying the  concept... i wonder what i said????
thunder--- and pi is concerned-- this was her first night on the back porch- and 2 of the pups are in kennel 8 ( the geriactic kennel with the more gently sloping ramp to the sleeping loft.)  megan said they were skittering up aqnd down the ramp with ease- so i left them there.
we have kennel 9 to inspect for dangers-- and then we can put 2 more there-- i could not believe ---clean floor this morning-- first time in 4 months??
re: those sleeping "lofts"
have to be carefful we do not have a dominant problem with any of them-
i know here in the house 3 would pile up leaving crimson on the hard floor
so at best they need to have a blue daycare bed as an alternate sleeping place.
just some organizational details...
priscilla will be along in a while--- she has one of those mechanical books to read---- as we sit around and watch olive
i believe it is called analyzing every phart.
good description
i get at least one letter like this a day
wyoming-- there is nothing we can do

My name is Mercy Hoyt.  I have faced a lot of closed doors so please forgive me if my email includes too much info or my thoughts seem scatered.  I first want to know if your organization donates dogs to persons living out-of -state, that seems to be my bigest obstical as I live in Laramie Wyoming. 

If you do, I wanted to know how long would I have to plan on staying while I worked with the dog if I were to be accepted for a dog?

I am a married 32 year old mother of 3 six year olds (yes you read that right lol 3).  We are of the Anabaptist Christian Faith (simular to the Mennonite or Amish).  I home-school my 3 children and we definately believe in doing everything together as family (dog would be included in this lol).  We live in a small house but have a huge yard and vehicle large enough for a large breed dog.  My church family would assist me in any travel or accomidation I would need to obtain a dog.  

I also have MS.  I had 2 surgeries last year to reconstruct my knees, however I am still very unstable and not able to walk unassisted very far.  This often leaves both myself and my children frustrated when they want to go for walk or to a park.  My husband works long hours and so many chores like grocery shopping for my family have become more and more difficult to do and often require more of my 6 year olds than I think is fair to expect of them.  I am often left having to wait for my husband to help me after he puts in 14 hours to do simple things like laundry, shopping and running other errands.  Most frustrating is needing him to assist me to the ladies room or when I shower or dress myself.  In the last few monthes I have also fallen while expeirencing boughts of weakness and/or vertigo.  My MS has now reached a point where I feel like my life is slipping through my fingers on my "harder" days.  I don't want my children to grow up feeling it is their responceablity to care for me, I want to take care of them. 

Please let me know either way if I may be able to apply for a dog from your program... if not any information at all would be of a blessing to me.  Thus far our only option seems to be to attemp to find and train a dog ourselves.

Thank you for your time, Mrs. Mercy Hoyt

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