Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 24, 2011

no change--- doing well -- out walking -- getting very opinionated-- will sleep in the tv room  not on the lovely mat we made for her--- finally getting up on the sofa on her own--  this is going to raise heck with that futon if her water breaks up there..
she may be having puppies--- but she is having an equal amount of goo with them---
what to do will be the next question when we get the blood results back ( about 8am)
she is stronger-- nearly normal--
?let her start labor--- or do a c section today ( if the blood test says so)
minus that swollen foot we would have had no question
which brings me to today's venting..thank heavens for that foot !
keeping in mind i did not go to vet school--  my degree is in probability and logic..
there is a tendency among vets  and vet techs to assume any dane has "wobblers"--(weak rear end )  certainly a problem in danes-- and we have had a few- however.....
fortunately Olive had a swollen foot--- not badly swollen--- but significant - and dr. smith did not jump to the conclusion that her weak rear end was  wobblers and decide to analyzing  it by hyperextending olive's neck til she yelped...  a practice common in veternary practice--
i have been up for hours worrying about that concept-- so i remind everyone handling our dogs-- that neck  hyper extension may only be done with my written permission... and don't ever let any vet - or vet tech attempt it.
just put me in the weird person category.
( but also the wierd person who has to pay the bill for "the exam")
our Army of volunteers has swung into motion  with the pending olive "confinement"
all the adult dogs need extra care now with the rest of us dealing with  olive-- so come ahead and walk/run and of them--- home depot would be a great walking spot in the rain...
anne took pi to costco yesterday and she never got down the first aisle for all the conversation pi started.  ... while paul bought 15 bags of dog food.... putting it in the back of tom's BMW --  (finally that car is useful)
i had didi  who made one suggestion about where we should go  and when i insisted we go straight,, she was fine...  talk about opinions...
gay and her husband came over last night to have a conversation with heydawg--  plan is for her to come over Saturday and stay overnight and practice  dog concepts-
like door opening--  (doors open 4 ways)  it is just a plan ahead deal
and loading and unloading from a car-- open your driver  door-- open the door for the dog-- and do not shut your door til you are in the drivers seat-- in case you fall, hit your head,, and get carried off--- the dog has an open door/window.
good thing i make it a habit--  the other day i had to park bailey while i shifted dogs around--- and put her in the durango--- AND WENT ROUND AND OPENED THE DRIVERS AND PASSENGER'S WINDOWS
good thiing  because 20 minutes later she came down to the t-tent with a "why did you leave me there" llook.
i had forgotten..
know thyself..
i will send round another DD when i get the blood test