Monday, June 6, 2011

June 3, 2011

cardboard stastics  ----
for anyone counting... today i used 12 pieces of cereal boxes  so far--- and that was just for the  3 indoor dogs--  i have not yet  tackled the deck
but i watched as i made the coffee and those 5 pups have to be the cleanest yet..  there may be 15 little piles randomly placed on the deck--- and as they chase each other with the drag the washrag game-- they did not step in one-- nor did the dragging rag go thru any.  it was amazing to watch.
such talent
i started the leash training yesterday- and will continue today - i don't know if i can exactly sequence it-- but  it is critical 
with soft rope /ring i gave them a piece of freeze dried liver while i put the rope around their necks then back around their front legs  - keepingg them entertained so there was no backwards pulling til i had it around their legs too.  this means that any freaking out yanking- will distribute the pressure to their girth area  not just their neck --  they all do this---- as they almost have to do in order to give in to the rope--- but rather then a  i will drag you and go for a walk til you learn  -  i sit and use the rope to explain to them that they must go forward or back and give in to the pressure
when they do-- a piece of liver...
 after about 3 minutes-- they are at least thinking-- and we go for a walk around the fireplace  -- whoa--- piece of liver as i remove the  rope and give them a little push away-
two or three more of those and  they are on their way..
i do the same thing i will later do with two tugs to indicate the direction we are going to go-- then relax the leash and  they should figure out ---walk up to my side and get the liver treat-- otherwise more tugging..
not yank-- just tug
yank--- is for when they weigh over 100 pounds and are not paying attention
5 laps around the fireplace and i was exercised for the day.
the other training--- really an observagtion--- we took  didi  frankie-- barney  to the fairgrounds  to est the run loose bit---  we =  megan anne and i 
since we have a huge container of the liver treats-- now was the time.
after a short walk around -- i let frankie loose  with a what the hell  attitude-- he ran-- i called-- maybe twice before he came to me for a treat- and i did not "catch " him- just let him  run--  eventually  i talked him into the ambu without a leash-- so he was listening-- ( and looking for the liver treats) 
megan then did the same with barney-- and finally didi..
all did fine
this process should continue until we can yell and scream come here   and  they do.  reason being---- if they get loose in a bad situation no one can keep their voice to a sweet loving please come here    
your voice would be in panic mode--- and a properly trained dog should ignore that panic...
later that afternoon i went back with fred who  is thinking of taking on frankie as a companion--- on a supervised  schedule-
he works at the audibon society in topsfield-- and i have suggested he take frankie and bring him to us when he has something else to do.
that will give us a chance to observe how frankie  is doing...
at the moment   frankie runs to fred very willingly-- as long as fred does not adopt any heavy domination-- frankie would love the company...
which brings up the topic of rhea--- we really need to have her wear jockey shorts ad see if she is still incontinent -- i have not seen any-
anyone want to take her home and see if they can tell-?
she is a bit wild as she has not had much-- or any training.  she is the one the vet in nh spayed twice--last time--- according to the path report....removing a kidney--- long story--  nice dog.....she is fido's sister.
megan is going to take out rhea once a day and see if we can get a conversation going with her... she is a nice dog/.
other than that......
hillary is on duty while megan is away getting her sister married.  Sunday Monday tues wed
how we became blessed with 2 extremely competent helpers i do not know  but i have full confidence in both of them.
it is like  being blessed with a lic plumber ( paul) and  lic electrician ( bud) as drivers for tom
and they replaced the solenoid in the white golf cart
solenoid is a big word around here 
funny little lump of metal it seems it  is the reason a lot of things break.

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