Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May 31, 2011

i already sent mark's pictures  as usual fantastic.
i do have favorites
   xl biting the rear of someone while rolling her eyes at the camera
and crimsom balancing the bubble
my $22 mosquito catcher is in there 
  $19 for the box fan and $3 for net and a few staples and a couple coat hangers.
 you can see--- in 36 hours there  is a 1/3 cup of dead mosquitos in the battom
either i am coming up in the world--- or the depression is worse than we  know.
in years gone by i could put THINGS out on the street with FREE signs and no one would take them.  it was a known fact- that by the time i threw it out, it had no earthly use.
yesterday i put out 2 file cabinets a wheelchair and a cabinet--- and by 5pm only the cabinet was left.
that has to be significant somehow..
today schedule-- no megan
2 days doing something so jacky is covering for her-
and since we threw out 3 pieces of furniture that contained  THINGS   there is considerable sorting to do.
the golf cart needs a solenoid-- every electrical thing that breaks here needs one of those--
  paul and tom have a huge list of chores to do like that  today..
i will just be struggling to maintain the cleaning progress made over the weekend
it is very like beating back the forest to keep it from taking over---like cutting the grass so it does not turn to small trees.