Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12, 2011

short doggie
karen has arrived and i left her sitting on the sofa with didi
didi wasn't sure at first-- but several liver treats and they are best friends.
should work fine today
probably going to   quiet mall   then  lahey ( to fix my hearing devices..)
gay... how did you make out with HR??? 
karen said she did not ask--- she told them she was getting a service dog--. she has a class of special ed... so we have some extra prep to do
the problem  which i expect gay to have is HR will have a fit.  there is- what they are calling a serv dog at the college which is dreadful- an aggressive white shephard...i do not know who trained it.--  and i be HR doesn't know they can ask her to leave the dog home..  but because of that dog  hr may have a problem with "accepting " anotehr
maybe the college can't ask questions--- but i can-- like who trained it??
somnehow i am expecting a battle
megan... i hope you did get a tetanus shot---
she was not using cardboard for collection--- and cut her hand badly
eyes opening  teal-- and thomas
priscilla reports the pups can screama-- she said olive sat on one overnight and it made a lot of noise so olive moved...
let us pray-- we can not keep up the 24 hour watch

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