Friday, July 22, 2011

July 13, 2011

another one of those fantastic announcements-
megan got a tetanus shot after cutting her finger.
doesn't sound like much---for a person who will get knee deep in any disaster to be reduced to knee shaking terror by a needle was unbelievable.
the rest of that story is that-- she came in dripping blood  from her thumb and after great concern bud/polly and tom wrapped it up in a bandage which incorporated a spoon-  tom said she really ought to go to the hospital and have someone look at it.  in the meantime hold it over her head to reduce pressure.
 so as she was wandering around with thumb raised high........
 i was handling the bABY PUPS with their needle toenails and one ripped a chunk out of my leg-- spurting red blood down my leg.... very similar in quantity to megan's thumb  
for that  tom suggested i put a bandaid on it.
case closed?????
back to work....
karen and didi are doing fantastically-- didi has the picture that karen is her person ---- and also her meal ticket.
we wandered around the mall-- then lahey elevators-and cafeteria where didi just flattened herself for a good snooze amid all kinds of people asking questions..
karen said that  would work really well in her classroom.
she studied the trucks very closely on rt 95  but made no attempt to get in the front seat.. karen drove 40 mph so we could get the full effect of trucks passing.
no word from gay's  HR department yet.
gay said she did not ask.
allison said she did not ask
maybe asking was a poor choice- we should hear today...
 i know they have been shell shocked by that white shephard that is very poorly trained-- if at all...
could be it is like dealing with the planning board in a small town.
the usual today--we will go somewhere while theresa is here with the pups-
and prisciulla did a bunch of rice and hamburger for olive....who's poops are much better-- what is a daily doggie without some excrement comment
i slept in the chair again-- within earshot-but not visual--- and olive only woke me three times- twice  to go out- and once to stand in front of her food dish and look pathetic..  3 cups of food went down really easily.
and pups are on 4 oz  goats milk split between them-- twice a day
venting---aol is driving me nuts---
i went to "my account"  and was shocked to see i had the $14 plan-- because for 12 years they have been charging $21-
the reason they gave?  there  is a $7 charge for paying by check.
bless that small print---
and paul came in and ( i think) fixed it so i have email at aol for $1  which they will refund next month.
at any rate ( literally) the email service has been dreadful with partial screens jumping around--- and the NOT RESPONDING, bit where you can not get any reaction in the screen- often resorting to unplug and plug in again.
i am having large computer problems
so i do not like aol
so there.

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