Friday, July 22, 2011

July 16, 2011

 pups are gaining big time-- sparkle and taupe could stand priority at the cafeteria line they are gaining slower...
born at a pound  - they weighed
one week later  2.3 ( for those of your so inclined  3 oz per day) 
three days later  2.10 (close to 3oz/day)
five days later    3.10ish yup....  and they look like dogs--- belly's off the floor--- eyes open   etc....
they  need goats milk bottles regularly now
and what goes in must come out
priscilla changed all the "linens" when she left last night about 5pm
and this morning, only new orleans was worse.
so this 5 year plan which michael is shaping into normal business language...
he asks me for costs of raising one pup
sounds so simple
so how do i calculate
4 new glass cases for tom( their favorite chew toy)
3 sneakers
7 buckets of laundry soap and a huge water bill
along with vitamin pills
and puppy food ( now up to $40  from $22)
that is as bad as asking how often the board meets-
answer to that is--- as often as we offer to feed them??
board meetings are when people sit on chairs with no one smiling and  theresa reads off papers .
i tried to slip by an advisory board which is anyone at the Sunday stew who has an opinion about anything.....along with this daily doggie incoming advice
this 5 year plan on paper is the same as when  shelia battered us into all those exit signs on the tent so we could be nationally accredited...
and the problem is-- they are all right--  which is a very inconvenient distraction.
in the meantime... we have donated 6 dogs this year so far
and i know we could have doubled that with a bit more paid help
but that  does not sounjd "business like"  dammmmmm
so--- today schedule
bottle feed the pups.. cut some grass-- go somewhere with didi. 10:00  .play with numbers here about noon  and go to gwen's party about 4:00 
******************quincy katie is behind me as i type
she will be taki9ng gigi  home with her for a few days
i offered her 3 or 4 more--- but she said just gigi
********biggest news
along with the 30 cc's of bobby we put in luna... he put 20 minutes worth in her himself---
i am sure they were also red--- but swimmers--- so it is only a maybe situation.
and chaos is fattening... and slowing up
jody ... on taxes
When you made this comment I smiled!

I was going to add a comment about churches and taxes but thought I better not.  Someone might think they should grab me and baptize me out of my blasphemy.  I keep wondering why churches are allowed to have political candidates speak on Sunday mornings at election time and how they can support issues when they don't pay taxes.  In my opinion, if they don't pay taxes, they don't have a say in things.  But then the Supreme Court will probably rule that churches are people, too.  Doesn't that give people in a church two votes each??????????

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