Friday, July 22, 2011

July 17, 2011

did i hear kieth and hattie  would be here today????  with hudson .   
maybe hudson could say a small prayer for some brothers and sisters... his parents are luna and bobby
didi and karen will be leaving today 10:30 ish for upstate  new york--- she has quite a drive- but they are doing very well- she  survived a cookout at gwen's with no problem--- even with the loose dogs--  didi mostly slept-- good choice.
didi is one good looking dog-- especially in her new harness.... in teal
the number of people at that party who get this daily doggie second hand amazed me. 
 "can't start the day without the daily doggie" is a frightening responsibility
including a kenyon college friend who is applying? for a judgeship and talked of a 50 page application or something with 25 coppies. 
with no consideration for the intellectual content all i could think of was the sheer volume of paper in our paperless society.
proving we do not really trust computerized communications yet
pups--  today looks like a nice day to have them outside for a while---so we have to rig the shade--- and maybe a fan with a "mister"( for those of you.... a mister is a great  a/c --- 3 tiny sprays of water blown with a fan --reduces the temp nicely..----- but turned on strong makes it like living in a rain forest)
and  bobby was successful again yesterday at filling luna  with swimmers- might try again today.  we could use more hudson's
and with didi down the driveway (?our 36th service dog partnership?)
now we have to work on indy... in earnest
well actually... in malls and hospitals and flea markets..
our trainers  (megan colleen and hillary) are rotating taking the 4 month old
pups home for overnights..   pi went with hillary last night.
so on we go...
mark said he would be around today---
if you - mark could come round before 10 you could get some of your professional shots of didi and karen packing up for the trip....  we don't really have any of those. 
i think gay and heydawg  might be around too
****************************/from heydawg
Good afternoon
Did not want you to worry about Hey. Friday we went to the preview of a Kaminski auction. Not too many people but a great maze of tables and furniture to navigate. Today, we went to  a Richdale. There was the scary floor but we manage to recognize it and realize it wan't too bad, after a down and a look. Got up fine. Then we went to Beverly Airport to walk and look at planes taking off. Lots of noise but he did fine. Sunday morning we are going back to have breakfast at the Airport Cafe and then along to see you at the farm for a visit mid to late morning. Can't tell you how much we appreciate Hey and the love and trusting we have developed.
Hey, Gay and Jerry
Beverly airport has a great Scottish farmhouse breakfast-- the restaurant on the side with the tower.
hmmmm good