Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 5, 2011

we survived the parade and collected the $750 check.
frankly--- i am totally dependent on volunteers to pull it off now --- jacky and husband-plus early sandy and relatives joined the usual bud/paul/earline crew
.  i could not  hire anyone to do the job they did--
i wonder what  sdp would have to pay someone to fill the job description  of walking 2 miles on the hot pavement while getting banged in the head by a foam carrot in front of thousands of people... 
and what would osha say?
i dare say our outfit  was probably the most talked about-  the bed- in all it's tattered splender held 3 dogs  bailey--fido--
 and pistol( who is here for a visit of un-determined length)  the puppy bus was full with just 2 --  charlie and xl  who loved all the attention.. didi rode in the car
i liked being near the airforce band--- but that base drum "got to" both fido and didi
bailey slept  fido tolerated.. and pistol did not settle anywhere but loved the crowd.
and then there was mary and the foam carrot swinging about 3' in front of her nose-- often banging paul in the head- he gave up trying to lead her-- and just handed out those small pealed carrots every 20 feet.  she followed-- ocassionally turning in a circle  and wiping out the crowd with that pole sticking out..
early sandy's sister had a camera and i hope sends pictures-- i bet there are some good ones-
in days gone by-- we ( animalepisodes) would rush to the newspapers to see if we "made the news"  and  front page was not enough---
good was defined as "above the fold"
there were even 2 people there --- now with children... who .. as college students worked for me during my previous existence as animal episodes.
janine--- one was MIKE  who suffered thru 30 days of living with the donkeys on boston common - and was in on the "antlers come off" problem you had.
we borrowed a reindeer for that xmas show in boston and were told to have the reindeer walk between 2 people with ropes- and keep the other hand on the antler.
what we were not told was reindeers shed their antlers about christmas time-leading janine  into one of her more famous "episodes " of chasing a loose reindeer thru the statehouse while the gov tried to make normal conversation on TV.
i see there is a photo history of the parade-- must be from early sandy's sister    which i will now send
click your way thru the "smilebox"  
there is a clasic one of mary reaching for the bag of carrots while paul is ducking the swinging carrot
we had a good time..

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