Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 8, 2011

don't expect too much today--- i was puppy sitter last night-
i had an email about going to lunch with heydawg and gay -- sounds like fun-- beverly hospital here we come.--gay  11:30  ish???
come here -- or meet there???
that is the place where   --- the first time i went there to practice elevator training  the receptionist told me i couldn't come in--- and then alerted security that "i have some nut in the lobby who wants to train her dog in the elevator"
minus the rest of the details it is a very funny statement.
pups are getting bigger--- big time-- and are nearly self sufficient-- they still slip between the folds of the blankets-- and occasionally get behind her- which can be dangerous--- but at some point we have to let olive deal.
a nerve wracking decision.  luckily the next 24 hours are covered. 
we have to get prepared to redo all this in a couple weeks for chaos
businessy type meeting with ann's husband - michael-- to pick over  my 5 year plan--and promises comments in a few days-- then to send to fred for more thinking.
it was a bit of a shock to him that to even think of five years away, i have to think of breeding details now-- in other words the process has started.  i would not think of trying to breed luna right now--- except it could be our last "shot" at bobby--- who george says should be neutered because of all his internal problems.
one gap in the planning is the process from inquiry-- to application --to interview--to training visit-- to going home with a dog.
problem being that between dealing with animals and humans the process can be interupted at any point for a variety of reasons, 
my classic example is the woman from Alabama who sent us all the paperwork and the video---and it all looked good-- except when she got out of the car 6 months later, she had gone down hill and i knew in 30 seconds  that a dog would not work for her.. but we tried--- and a month later sent paul and earline  down to alabama to pick up a very confused dog- and deal with a  very annoyed person.
i should have had the courage to tell them to get back in the car and drive 1300 miles home again.
that is one reason we have said "north of the hudson river" and karen is next--- just beyond the hudson.
that situation could arise again--- and if anyone wants the job of figuring that out-- go right ahead---  theresa and i are stuck in neutral. 
 i wonder what neads does???? neads people who get this-- got any comments??
to complete your day--- here's  manny
and bernard and the pill taking problem 
When" it" comes, the best place to be is at home, or the second best is to be with Manny who will understand why we are reduced to a feeble entity,not at all like the guy he signed up with.

Home Depot caught me just wanting to sit down and wait until the next dose restored us both to the dynamic and happy team  we hope people see.

I Having found a seat,Manny also found a seat and we both tried to avoid attention,at least I did. Manny being the character he is,he just continued being himself.This involves shoving his nose against mine and the giving me an enormous lick:Gazing soulfully at Matrons gazing soulfully at him

We had previously had lunch ,Manny this time was in the role of an observer and he observed very closely.He is growing and stretched out under the table he made me think of doing this more often and training him to be more responsive to getting into a space  somewhat smaller than a sprawl.I can recommend  Manny as a device for increasing the quality of service,Burness was even found something  they said the could not do and she pronounced it to be excellent.
When "it" hit me at Home Depot people were the usual friendly group and although I did not hear anything new until this guy,( was about to say old geezer until I  realized he was younger than ),said "could I give your dog a biscuit ?" As I did not know this guy from Saddam I shook my head " but thank you" I think I said. 
For all I know he could be then reincarnation of St Francis or a raving loony. I assume the latter and take care of  mine.There is a group of humorists  who share a fairly small repertoire of jokes.I was coping,with Manny's help,to get out of Home Depot when one of them called me from behind. We stopped and this man's question was "Has he raced last season ?" Got to go now, Bernard

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