Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 9, 2011

 it's saturday--  all day --- priscilla was here all night-- bless that nurse training
there are a bunch of things about nurses that make them a perfect sdp volunteer.
odd sleeping hours is only one- 
being part of a working system---communicating essentials on a white board --- putting things back to wherever they got them is another-- sometimes that is not where things belong--- which is probably me...
yesterday i met with gay and heydawg-- he is doing great  but  poor gay---  we gave her heydawg in the midst of confusion --- and i never really spent time with her--- she is lacking the usual 5 days here-  simple things like who will go out a door first--- she didn't know you just say whoa and he stops- you go thu then tell him to walk thru.  she was stuck tryng to control this 160 beautiful dog with her muscles ( not too many--- he is much stronger)
but he is educated---  we walked the halls of the main  beverly hospital-- and he did fine--  he will also tell her he would prefer to walk on the carpets--  and there wass a time  when he dropped --- so  you have to let him get his bearings then tell him to get up and move on... and he does it... it is impossible to pick him up-- he is huge-- but he gets up willingly if you just give him a minute...   it is about a 5 second halt-- it is just something they can work out-- it is a very controlled maneuver and being totally dedicated to her--- he is listening to her exceedingly well when he has the collar and harness on-  with the rope around his neck he is just a regular dog--overwhelming her-big time/.
also make note--- all you people with strange equipment ( head halters gentle leaders and the like)-i watched carefully as she put  on the harness and chain collar-- he very willingly stuck his head out for both -- ( i do not approve of those gentle leaders if you can't tell)
it was a big lesson for me-  and it is no problem for me to meet her  every day-- especially in the middle of the day-- and go somewhere-
so gay--- where do you want to go today???? let me know 
you are not up to a train ride yet--- but eventually we can do that. 
these pups ae growing like weeds-- so the bottle is less of a game and more of a get some food in them.  there are 2-- the black ones-- who were either full or didn't like the fake nipple... watch that today..
this 5 year plan   of
 how can we...   what the deuce can we...  what happens if....
and my casual-- hang in there approach.... 
 deb moy called last night-   talk about ridiculous situations... her job  is again trying to keep a group of 16 teenagers from getting arrested for the summer..  it is a ?state job-- and even has a bus to carry them around.... or something...
did i have any work???   a one day a week work???  big storng nice kids - just full of potential of good and bad... i said i would find something-- last summer they moved the teepee---beautiful job... needed doing...  lots of horsepower there...
this year--- there is all that chain link that janine found and brought home--- there are rolls of it all over-- heavy duty.. 8' tall  and i do not know how long because it is too heavy for me to unroll--- and too messy for me to wish on any volunteers-
but deb's bunch-- want fresh air-- we got that-- and they are strong-- and can learn to  use a come-along  as we tighten the fence into sections.
i will have to buy the pipe etc--- but an 8'section of that is over $300  and with all these pups----it could come in very handy
not for me to question why 
certainly it is useless where it is now
especially since i don't know where it all is-- some is holding down the skirt of the arena--- but it is all over.
i could have shot janine when she brought it home--- it took 3 days to get it out of the trailer -- all those little hooks grab the next piece big time-- but it is in rolls now.
i 'll have to buy pipe and those funny little hooks to secure it... but the fencing..we have- job today is locate all the rolls.  i had them along the fenceline-- by now all the grass/weeds have weaved their way all thru them  making collecting the rolls a huge problem itself. --- tractor time
and with all these pups... we'll need.
deb(moy)  what happened to that guy in your last year group  ??victor?? if he is on the unemployed list... i might want to know that... he lived with his grandmother who was very old ( 2 years younger than me) 
 i was impressed with him.
v2 reports that arrow had some ailment that sounds just like what olive had 
 not eating --- then weird rear end for 2 days-- then fine.
drives me nuts

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