Friday, July 22, 2011

June 20, 2011

we have one pup--- not in trouble yet-- but needs special care.... she is working hard at nursing--- but between the bullies.... she grabs skin.... and often does not have the nipple- hence no milk.
because i am in a rush to a dr apt... i will spare you the effort to align this with any political situation  brought on by the campers who were due here yesterday-- a govt program-- not cut yet.
i couldn't figure out why they all kept asking me if i slept in the cribs/dogbeds in the t tent..
as they were loading to go... i found out it was a collection of homeless kids--- who are sleeping in motels if they are lucky-- otherwise cars.
and then i listen  to the news .
here is jody's cut and paste
from jodi
   As I looked at the link you sent of the water mister, I was thinking about how hot it is here.  A mister would be nice to cool us off outside but the drought is so bad the lake near us is losing several inches of water a day.  Texas in July is 100+ degrees daily.  That is bad but without any rain and none in sight it is ten times worse.  Send us some water please.  Cinder and Stormy's stock pond at the ranch will be gone soon if it doesn't rain.  They will miss the mud.
   An observation about Great Danes:
   A Great Dane could never be a first responder in an emergency.
   You ask a Great Dane to sit.   They think about it.  They look up.  They look down.  They look around.  They say, "Oh yeah, sit."  Then they slowly ease their rear end down.  When their rear end is an inch from the floor they stop.  They think about it.  They look around just to be sure.  They say, "Oh yeah, sit."  They sit and look pleased.  They expect a reward.  After all they sat on command.  It only took a few minutes.
   The only time a Great Dane is in a hurry is when someone enters the house.  They hurry over and knock you down.  They smother you with love.  They are great dogs, they just don't believe in hurrying unless it is for greeting guests with slobber and affection.
   Thanks Carlene for the love Stormy aka Clipper gives me.  Now if you could come to this hot -- not humid, and dry heat isn't hot, you know -- Texas and train Stormy and Cinder to move a little faster I would love it.
   When I ask them to close the door when they go outside, they do it so slowly we cool the backyard with the air conditioning.  Someday I will have to send a video.
so enjoy camera mark's 3 tabloos from yesterday