Monday, August 15, 2011

Aug. 12, 2001

go watch local fox news
it is filming in topsfield and we are packed to go=== dogs..pups  etc
Indy continues to do well and adjust to life here at home splendidly. The family has decided that her siting on them is a sign of accepted as such we feel that our dog Archie has been fully accepted. She backed right up and sat down on him much to his chagrin. We have developed a  kind of ritual here, morning is play time then dogie breakfast followed by our breakfast and what ever the day holds. 
Last few days have been Best Buy, which she did fairly well in, though seemed a bit intent on laying down at times on her own. Tried to explain to her that's fine but we need to work that out so as you let me know cause you do that when I'm hanging on and we are both going to lay down. Then the resteraunt tonight with my Father which was crowded. She was perfect. We were able to be near the exit and a wall and she layed there silently beside me bored as could be through the whole thing. 
  also it is grwoling practice day with chaos litter... that is wone of the funniest days of puppy raising.
bark and fall over backwards

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