Monday, August 15, 2011

Aug. 14th, 2011

  bit late as i am feeding gurgle every time he/she wanders around--- and the others now smell the food and raise a racket.
but he/she has a bit better "heft" to him/her ( some details escape me)
and chaos has taken to resting her head on tom's window ledge--- either she is bored with motherhood- or is looking for paul and earlene.
paul drove tom Sunday Monday tuesday--  and skipped the next 4 days- he is usually sun tues thurs
i am not sure she has ever gone 4 days in a row with out her  "person fix.."
 i will try and set 4 more posts today-- soon
slight delay til bud gets here and can make the chainsaw run-- i do not do"rope pull starters"  and there is an old post prohibiting me from pulling a line straight.
this morning  i ended up with the ultimate in jerry-rigging.
i usually plan these things on graph paper--- but i can't find any around here-- so i ended up planning the roof pitch on an old suduko puzzle grid.
i have my level ( 30 feet of siphon hose ) and a right angle ( 3-4-5 triangle of 8' strapping).  along with a  wrench  on a string for vertical.and  spoon to dig out as small a hole possible for positioning the bottom of the posts in -- the spoon doubles for  mixing concrete in a costco bucket..  
(actually that  is triples if you count serving caserolles at the Sunday stew )
 there is a big problem with the fact that i can not check the diagionals because the current building is in the way.
so if it turns out to be a paralellagram --- so be it--
it is bad enough  for the neighbors to deal with the dogs barking--- i don't want to start the tractor before 9  to add to their grief.
rest of today's schedule
megan will probably be takeing dogs out late morning---
 i will be mixing concrete with my spoon--- in time to wash it well and serve food this afternoon.
 paul and tom can go get a lot of marini's corn--- like a bushell-- 
somehow we will get a pot boiling.
hillary will be around helping cope with a lot of lively puppies
from jade
The hair above Kate's shoulder is beginning to thin after a few weeks of scratching. Benedryll? Hydrocortisone cream? Vet visit? Other? 
i answerred her with.....
 my #1 thought---- frontline????
we are seeing that  same irritATION -- 2 even had 2"x4" oblong bald spots in that vicinity  that went away
i have heard odd rumors about frontline--- and with internet you never know who made up what facts based on thin air.  ???GEORGE ????/
 #3 thought----that is also where  Some vacines are  given..
...? IS THE HARNESS RUBBING IN A Strange way-- which i hope you would have thought of yourself-- if soo fuzz might be indicated...
ms gave karen a lovely harness with fuzz to wrap around with service dog stitched across the chest--
problem was-- that left the velcor stuff next to her skin.
keep in mind the fuzz is for her-- not to look good.  put velcro--- or ANy stitching  away from her skin
so not knowing---  i can not even give you  an educated guess as to what to do--
i would have 2 approaches
A. the let nature heal it--- AKA the lazy and/or cheaper  way
B. stupid guess = benedryl- and be prepared for her to be groggy-  the benedryl label says do not operate machinery--- they might have said do not pull wheelchairs...
now i will put all thAt in the dd--- because it is pervasive??endemic???
(a bunch have the same thing.)