Thursday, August 4, 2011

Aug. 4,2011

puppy progress
olive went home for "supper"---  minus pups ---with pc last night- i expected her to be thrilled to see her pups on returning.... i can not say she was thrilled. 
that means--- if their feeding is falling to us-- we have to pay better attention---
--i have not seen them all drink water- so this morning we did a goats milk in a dish for  lapping practice-- and taupe is an ineffective  lapper---- along with a slow eater--- so attention is needed there ( the dark merle-- also  now the smallest) the rest are shameless gluttons.
maybe today k3 could weigh them all on  lori's wonderful scale.
pc noted lori-- a regular--- is among the missing in the past few days.. 
 lori--you all right??
that is one of those questions---  if she is not all right she is not going to answer..
husband off to denmark  and a few house invasions in boxford  so we need an answer to that  somehow
stranger things have happened...
bud2--- with indy-- doin great--
he is a library go-er--- so we did library and barnes and noble ( which had a starbucks)
and he took tom and i to dinner at the chinese restaurant.-indy was nearly perfect
paul sat the pups--
my other option was to put chaos in the back room for the short time we would be gone....
they are getting older-they are belly off the floor- today-- and wandering far away(2 feet?)  from the puppy pile- or mommy-  to pee 
olive's bunch have that nearly down pat... nearly.... they walk over their fluffy to the newspapers and stop immediately to pee.  which means the boys are within fractions of an inch correct-- but the girl's anatomy is such that  the pee does not make the paper ... yet. 
and we have  manny
and bernard
and the search for the proper winter person mover
Manny took us shopping so we could offload my Toy car for a proper winter person mover...last winter was brutal and with two cars meant for Florida weather we had a bad time of it. We sat in the dealership becoming frustrated by the dance we all have to go through. The only relief was provided by Manny who was having a not so good day.He was himself with all the people who came up to  and this may account for him being a little wayward in the down stay mode.
The salesman was truly a very pleasant person who seemed not to mind Manny putting his nose on his desk to rest (You know I am referring to Manny's nose on the salesman's desk).
It took two days in total and although I have read Haileys "Wheels" and have hired ex  car salesmen I found a modified  dodge being used.It is the sale old dodge as the salesman being terrified of the sales manager and having to check every detail if money is involved. We genuinely like the guy and burst out laughing when he introduced us to the manager and confessed they were brothers!
From a place far far away...Sicily...they actually were lovely people.
Manny has developed an instinct about when some walking help would be appreciated and appears without calling , he always appears on my right I realise it is my job to train him to go to mt left or do you think I should adapt? His instincts seem so ready I don't want to spoil his instinct
i definitely would go with the instinct-- people would pay good money for that  and i do not know how you teach a dog "anticipation".
maybe he is also telling you  you need more help on the right...????
at any rate 6 months from now- you could address the right  left problem
Hey Carlene,
I'm a little worried about Kate. She has been scratching at her right shoulder for a few weeks now. Ihad been looking for dry skin, gave her a bath, checked for ticks, etc. I have now decided I think it is joint pain. She only scratches at it when she is walking, she never sits down to scratch like a dog with a regular itch. The odd thing is that she does it way more when I am walking her to go to the bathroom as opposed to very rarely when she's working. Ideas?
a weird one  i suggested the harness might be the difference 
i did not think joint pain--- because pain=limp.... not scratch???
Hi Everyone~
Just wanted to update you on the WONDERFUL life I have with Vaylu. He is my constant companion..He is my Best Friend.. Without Vaylu, my life wouldn't even be as FUN as it is..He is now 5.6 yrs old and showing gray, just like me..PERFECT. We are an amazing team because of AMAZING People like all of you at SDP. He is Beyond Pampered~The least I can do for a partner that comes and listens to my every word..He is a Magnificent, gentle,smart~in tune friend..He is an Extention of me..On a funny note, We will be having an appt. with my M.S. Neurologist this week. He is a good man. He is also Muslim..What does that mean?  my Dr is a very Religious man~~He can not have Vaylu touch him~~He would be unclean~~Now that is M.S. Stress...Love it and I love all of you for keeping my life SO GREAT...Dawn and Vaylu
today schedule--- normal somehow-- out mid day somewhere