Monday, August 15, 2011

Aug. 5, 2011

the 5 year is done--- with great ceremony it will be mailed to fred today---  i would fedex it except it is Friday so that gains nothing except the prominence of the packaging
it is a work of art
well actually   it is a work of michael-- he makes a lot sound sooooo simple knowing full well the churn paddle can get stuck which screws up the butter production. 
but.... it just might work out that way.
it assumes... more pups ( we have those) more people (there are a few in the wings) more kennels ( in the conceptual stage) which all depends on more money  -- let us pray  the stock market does not tank entirely today  completely depleting our donors.
speaking of donors-- we are beginning to get a significant check from paypal...  mostly made up of people donating 5 or 10 $$ on a monthly  basis... most coming from this daily doggie.  thanks keep it up-- it helps-- big time.
 a dream wish of mine is to have you all  gamble $10 a month on the chicken bingo episode-     the way it works is  -- we have a wall-- set up by memsiac- where you buy a numbered brick 
-  then at the end date
we set up our bingo table--anywhere  --  or here put a chicken or two on the table  and the winning poo gets $1000
the odds are better than the lottery 
 our 5 year plan is done--- now that is my goal--- 
 it would pay the food bill--- you would get something for your " DD subscription"--- and it would also pay some of the oncoming spay neuter bills
chaos may have boob #2 cooking..   she has something wrong-- as yet undetermined-- yesterday her temp went from 102.7  to 104.9 in 4 hours--- the 4 hours later it was back to 102.6
george changed antibiotic mid yesterday after gettting the culture sensitivity back   -
it was for the postpartum  vaginal drool-- 
 if she has a second abscess--- it has not shown a puncture point  yet
 i will feel better when we can get this litter on solid food-  paul fed goats milk to all except the gurgler  who then had full access to mom...
thanks to Paul who slept with chaos last night-- -- i use the term slept loosely..
i/we could use someone for tonight-- it is possible to sleep a little--- on the couch with chaos
preferable a small person-- chaos is big.... but we will take anyone !! 
i realized yesterday that bailey is one of our best training tools-  i gave her to volunteer joe (K3's husband)  in georgetown  with a  flimsy vest to be legal  and no leash to control her-- i should do this with all volunteers and recipients--- somewhere along the line, trainers  have to create a dog who will work with a person and a recipient who does not try and CONTROL  WITH A HEAVY HAND.
 it is a delicate thing- the collar is a conversATION  TOOL-- AND AN EMERGENCY BRAKE. 
THEN PAUL CAME IN AND SAID HE USES the emergency brake  BECAUSE IT IS THERE.... WHICH MAY WORK WITH A CAR--- BUT IS Detrimental to a service dog.
you must not tighten a leash because it is there..
using your muscles to control a dog is not going to work in the long run if you are dealing with an untrained dane.  conversely... bailey is highly insulted if anyone uses a tight leash on her-  if the leash is constantly tight even she would become resigned to being hauled around- and would cease to use her own head entirely
being timid dogs  danes will eventually figure "this person knows what to do to stay  out of trouble and get back to where i can be comfortable and take a snooooozze"  
some trainers have a problem with this timid tendency when it can be used to our advantage
b2 has a few things to work on today   --- i have forgotten what--
and tomorrow he goes to his grandmother's 90th   it is too soo n for him to go alone--- and indy is bonding well to him so i don't want to stop that if we don't have to...  enter our registered party go-ers.... megan and hillary will go as  additional partiers just to supervise. 
 clipping and pasting

Good morning Carlene,
A quick update on Hey. Doing exceptionally walking the school corridors with me. Very loose lead, no pulling and now knows the words "elevator" and "office". Last night we went to the Hamilton/Wenham BIG trucks display. He did a down as ambulances with lights flashing, fire trucks sicking their long ladders into the air along with other trucks with long appendages reaching for the stars. Lots of noise and action. Hey was bored.
Went to daughter Kim's for a cook out. Twelve children scampering about. Two feisty Chihuahuas, one 3 month old black lab and one Chow. Hey and the lab had fun chasing each other.
Today in my work parking lot, the visit to the fire engines paid off. Big construction vehicles were out an about. Hey, although cautious, walked me to the door. What a super partner I have.
Hey, Gay and Jerry
george sent me an interesting take on the national finances i will send in a separate email

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