Monday, August 15, 2011

Aug. 6, 2011

i do not know how all those linkden things got sent out to everyone in my address book-   i send this DD out blind copy to try and prevent this stuff.
i am annoyed-  but that is energy poorly spent
i am hoping everyone gets sooo much of that stuff that they  are not angry with me
do i now have to get paranoid about the machines around me???
is my  coffee maker studying my every cup??
i prefer dogs--
the two "problem pups"  taupe and gurgle  are doing ok  with special handling.
 taupe is cheerful -- lively-- plays with mom when out alone with her..  next time i feed i am going to try feeding her in the same dish..
maybe he needs a demo model to improve his lap technique
and gurgle-- we are helping him/her to have priority at mom-- by bottle feeding the others more--- i don't yet know exactly what the problem is--- or if there really is one-- but my conclusion is  stay with the natural mom's feeding--by reducing demand of the others.
also chaos may have another questionable lump-- but every time i go to look... she is lying on that side
her temp is back to  102  close enough to normal-
out of my distant past... i think a cow in heavy milk production has a higher temp????
bud2/indy  goes to his grandmnothers 90th party-- followed by  hillary and megan in a separate car as chaperones-- with the intention of his going home after---
indy is identifying well with him-- now following him and not megan or me-
we never actually got on a train-- but he spent time in the car at the train station with her listening to the noises.. 
 that went well.. she is quick to learn.
megan--- take your camera with you and get some photo's that we can send to tower of hope---
the 5 year plan got emailed and i sent 2 copies  sent snail mail to fred
it was a pain full process but probably shelia ( accreditation inspector)  was right  we should have  a paper 5 yr  plan
well we have one now..  thanks to anne's husband michael
today schedule will be screwy  but i will probably be around all day...
-- no hillary#1  but hillary #2 and k3 will help this afternoon--
leaving molly and me slogging this morning....  hopefully some puppy sitters show... and they have to be puppy sitters chaos approves of  (of whom chaos approves... darm that english teacher)
i will have to give BUD2 the parting lecture about open car doors, happy dog, daily doggie may take 6 months to perfectly....and if you run into a millionaire with checkbook....
plus solve the harness ordering bit- or at least discuss it...
on to the next problem...