Monday, August 15, 2011

Aug 7, 2011

as volunteers at SDP you just can not tell what help will be needed-
bud2 and indy left at noon yesterday for bud2's grandmothers 90th birthday party in conn-- chaperoned by megan and hillary --- it was to soon to send bud2 off by hinself with indy--- and she is too well bonded to him to leave her here while he went-- sooooo-- off they all  went
i am anxious to hear  how indy and bud2 did..
the nitty gritty is always the  interesting part.
as will be karen's classroom with didi-
karen wrote a wonderful thank you letter  to all who helped with didi--  but i am waiting to hear the details - like school bells and  the special needs students that karen teaches.
hillary 2 and daughter  helped molly and K3  fill in yesterday.
it gave me a chance to start work with hillary2.  she has applied for a serv  dog- and has a strong basis in dog obedience-- a little stronger than will work with service dogs-- so we went for a walkabout with bailey with small piece of string as her collar.
you can not COMMAND these dogs to work-  they have to like it-- and you have to like them and thank them .
 somewhere i read of a seeing eye dog who's owner was too heavy handed and the dog walked the guy into a tree.  i can see that happening-- not necessarily as "i will teach that guy HIS manners"  as "i am so confused i can't remember what i am supposed to do......WHOOPS.. ACCIDENTAL TREE"
 whatever.   these dogs have to want to work for you- or the partnership will not work.---  if i see that developing in a team that we are trying to place... i am afraid i would have to decide it is a  no-go ... and not place the dog.
these dogs love the work-- and they are not tools.
priscilla and i decided olive was bored with motherhood -last time she went home  for an afternoon with pc she had a great time --- and did not rush to greet her pups when she came back-
we are feeding these 9 pups regularly and massively...
so it seemed logical that she would like an overnight away from them- and priscilla took her home yesterday afternoon-
 at 11 pm last night-- they were back-  apparently the pups were nursing more than we realized  and olive waddled with swollen  underbelly directly to her pups and stood while they nursed her dry.
then she went home again...
pc is an RN  so the discussion naturally turned to the possibility of breast pump.
ahhhh    just now    word from bud2---
Short update for our first day. We, Hilary, Megan, Indy and I arrived after a crowded drive down to Windsor CT. Indy did well ignoring the confusion at the front as someone tried to extend the clearance of the entry. we checked in and met up with my family.
Arriving at the party, found a table in a corner... won't say quiet as the music was too loud but Indy did better with that than I did. She achieved boredom despite frequent visits from the little nieces and nephews in the family.
Only thing Indy has had any difficulty with is...who is this other lady sleeping in her spot now and why can't she sleep up on that bed.

Thank you Carlean and everyone at SDP.

Bud 2
and a vaylu report
Vaylu is the amazing best !! My Al, has been in the hospital 3 days now. Southern NH Medical Nashua,NH. Vaylu is the Happy in a place that isn't. I had requests to bring him to some people who are really down..What a way to lift my spirits as I deal with my own Drama...Vaylu PROUDLY enjoyed doing his thing~~Being the Best Helper available!!! He made a better day for some who are so sad...I was told that the hospital may put us in an article for their staff paper.. hope so.. SDP shines and I want everyone to know..Love, Dawn & Vaylu
and it sounds like jade and katie will be doing AAT visits also
jade asked me about it--  it is her call-- as long as katie seems to enjoy it-- go for it.
today schedule
stew - per usual- i hope megan and hillary appear  from their conn. jaunt..
a slow day for me since i did not really get much sleep - i am more than slightly addicted to clean sheets
chaos does require midnight snacks  etc --
she is acting a little depressed and i hope seeing earline and paul today will perk her up.  temp is nearly ok  but i think she is bored...  those little dears are up on all 4's now.  if we can just make one more week til we can give them solid food.
i gave them a bottle last night and had a conniption with those toenails and determination to pursue the bottle.

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