Monday, August 15, 2011

Aug 9, 2011

large news--puppies are no longer contained by an 18" barrier--- and mommy olive spent the night at priscilla's  apparently  without distended milk department.
so they are--- at the moment-- all over my feet, the kitchen , and terribly close to chaos domain
therefore everything they leave behind is all over also
thank heavens for the empty water bottles  
they willl be moving to the deck/room with it's 3' bARRIER--and none too soon
the other news is -- there is horse manure in the coa van..  which needs cleaning.
3am phone call from the police  was i missing a small horse?
  honest answer??   lord knows
because-----janine called from the n.j. kill pens ( where they auction horses by the pound for transport to the slaughter houses in canada and mexico-- another whole topic  -try google hope 4 horses)
jANINE SAID SHE HAD 4 YOUNG HORSES ABOUT TO ARRIVE LAst night at 8pm-- because they were from that collection of horses-- and often sick from passing germs around-- they had to be in quarentine-- we are the quarentine barn..28 days before they go to whoever sponsored their rescue.
which meant-- from n.j. she had organized a  trailer to  arrive about 7pm to remove her riding horse  to a safe barn-- just before the trailer full of "4 young horses" got here at 8.
"the black one was $35
must be small since she was buying by the pound...
that is why when the police called and said they needed help catching a small horse on linebrook road.... i did not have a clue if it was ours.
but i went---i was 1/2 awake anyway with hungry puppies at  midnight.
small horse indeed-- a few inches taller than our dogs-- with extremely brushed full white  mane and tail-- looked like some kid's 4h project.
i caught it with no problem- and there we stood -- me - 2 policemen- one annoyed pony and blue lights flashing at 3;15 am.  now what??
i did not think it was $35 worth of pony by the pound....  so therfore probably not mine.
i offered to go back and get our trailer--but when it was unhooked it was not on a block-- and no way could i lift it onto the durango's hitch.
the ambulance would have been my vehicle of choice--- but it has not been started in weeks--
hence the horse manure in the coa van/
and that was not easy -- it reared-- the policeman pulled-- i pushed and it landed in the van's  alley--- and then in the V pen by the t tent with the gate tied shut.
which is why we need to get the horse manrue out of the coa van.
the owner called and  will be here 8:30 to help  hopefully megan and paul hook our trailer  so we can get it out of there before it catches something from the bunch in the barn i have not even seen.
mary seems to survive these visitors--
 tess is our next project-- she is a lively gal-- bent on sharing the seats in the van..
i must away... to deal with 9 destructive  beasts  and tom with his shirt on backwards.
the indy report
Missed sending out an update yesterday. Think the week and weekend caught up when we finally sat down Indy and I both were done we made one more move and that was from the couch to bed...though she only protested once or twice as to why Steph got to sleep with me and she got the air mattress on the floor.
When we were getting ready to leave the hotel Sunday we spent more time with a coupe nieces and nephews. Indy did well with them jumping around the room (high energy). She also did well with the gallons they had which she was not sure of when they got closer. Then I wasn't sure of them in the room with those kids at all.
Indy and Archie are doing great. She was slow at first with both of our dogs but faster with him. They are playing now as I type. She finds Xena curious and is unsure but no longer fearful and they follow each other from time to time. All eat together fine and she seems very relaxed.
Being rested and eager to continue what we started last week I went with Steph to the Market. She was wonderful and responded even though I was giving the wrong ones. So, we did it and in a pinch she will get me there again. Good to know one of us knew what we were doing.
anyone wanting further education about equine problems should look into  the premarin ( a hormone prescription) and the foals that are a by product of that production.. ( pregnant mares urine).

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