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Aug 18, 2011

2 big projects of yesterday-- megan got barney safely to keith's in atlanta - she kept us informed about her progress with emailing photo's on the plane of barney  squeezed between the seat .. keith said the dogs ---- hudson and barney--- were doing fine and he would call later today-- megan is to come back this morning..
made easier because megan's mom worked on that atlanta plane yesterday
 the coa van full of people/dogs/ and pups in their "pram"
made possible by a whole bunch of people including gay and jerry who managed to get that wonderful COA van donated  from the town of wenham --- without it... the day might not even have happened.
Dear Friends,
As a patient advisory board member and volunteer at Spaulding North Shore I would like to extend a very heart felt THANK YOU to all the volunteers, dog handlers, staff, relatives and friends, dogs and puppies who made today such a huge success!
The smiles were plentiful on all 5 floors as the dogs toured the hospital
complete with puppies in a baby carriage!
Patients and staff alike were treated to the nicest bunch of very well behaved Great Danes and puppies! My telephone rang all afternoon from people from Spaulding thanking me....asking when could we could the dogs made their day....etc., etc!  
It was truly a GREAT day for some patients that got to put a puppy to sleep on their lap, receive a puppy kiss or get to hug or pose for a picture with the GREAT Danes~
So amazing is the spirit of a dog that gets you back to a better place, brings a little sunshine, or leads one to have hope. 
Special thanks to Carlene White founder, director and trainer of the Service Dog Project in Ipswich, MA.....all of us have a much better understanding of Great Danes because of the knowledge you share with the community around you. 
Again, I offer my sincere appreciation to all of you that volunteered your time and energy today! You are my unsung heroes that make life a little easier and nicer!
Job well done!!
Honey Amirault
next large report  is health--
chaos spiked a temp yesterday  105++ - all indications - mastitis-
pups being over 3 weeks old--george suggested we "pull the pups"
well.... they are on nearly solid food- ground in blender and soaked... and they must have water dishes--- and understand they are for drinking--- not swimming... so today we need  casual puppy watchers to do a list of who has learned to drink water  to be sure they all understand.
it is about now you have to hope the dog food people have the formula correct- as they will be on food alone.
because of that  concern--- i think we should add some purina proplan puppy food to the kirkland-  much as i get annoyed with purina for not giving us any break in the price...  they are a big outfit -and make all grades of food- lots of research- and if a better food could be made for dogs- i am sure they would make it---AND CHARGE A FORTUNE FOR IT TOO.;  the low end of their price scale is purina dog chow--- and i found the danes did not do well on it-- but the higher priced purina pro plan  seemed to produce good results.
i think we should cut the goats milk too--
the 7 pups should do fine-- pet tab vitamin and worm-- but gurgle is already challanged... often throwing up  and sneezing food out his nose.
i do not understand-- he can not be throwing up all his food- because he manages "generous" sized piles of stool.
so stepping back to smaller more often snacks for him.... as long as he does not aspirate and get pnemonnnnia- we will go on...
thanks to lori who managed  chaos and the pups while i got a running start on the overnight- i don't know when she left but i had a good snooze and then fed  at 10-- 2-- and 5- and they slept in a pile .  so it was a relatively painless night for me.  chaos slept with me in the tv room-- door shut
chaos temp is down to 102.6  but those booooobs are huge and painful looking.  the concept of "expressin g some of th e milk " was not a popular project- she offered to bite me-- so i quit.
the re-design of the fluffy bed--- and newspaper rest room facilities must be done today
she is on 2 antibiotics  and is eating and drinking-- other than being miserable - she is doing ok.... and will readily step away from the pups when i ask her to.
the chicken sh#t bingo has started well-- we have enough to pay the prize money now ---- $500
so everything from here on is puppy food !!!!
pass this around to your friends

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