Monday, September 12, 2011

Sept 04, 2011

3:00 today will be our first - hopefully monthly ---sh#tting
the table has been located-- along with the dry erase markers-
and we will get a bushel of corn-
you have til 2:45 when i will shut down the memsaic board and put the numbers on the table-- in prep for the arrival of the judges and hens at 3:00--
we have made enough to buy the dog food-- and puppy food for a month 
way to go !!!
first Sunday of every month--- lets see how that goes--- it is a huge help.
and the hens  have sh#T  to spare ....
 i don't think our live camera crew has come forth with the capability of internetting the performance.. so i will email to the addreesses--- we will try for nest time-- live
hillary said chaos pups are  the noisiest we have ever had--- 
this is true-- also they are slightly gaunt--- could be they are hungry-- so today lets try a few more meals 
and either today--- if there are enough people here this morning-- we could worm them again for roundworms--- or... because of the "rice" in on of olive's pups... maybe the "allwormer" from australia-- painful  as it is ... it is still cheaper than many here--- with the same chemical components.
this is "bad year for fleas" is  verified by one of my favorite vets at georges--- who's name might be cristine-- and thankfully is not insulted by the fact i have known her for 10 years and can't remember her name.
the latest news on the groomer front -- colleen---is frontline is not being 100% effective-- i forgot what colleen suggested we try--- but i did find a flea on pink.  i do not think the place is infested--but i think we have to stay ahead of it--
i know  one lady flea equals 40000- 
hopefully those all jump on the nearest dog and get obliterated with something--- dishwasher baths help if you can not find anything else--  i have experimented with a cup of water--- a drop of dish detergent- and many fleas.  i am happy to announce they can not swim.
today is a warm day--- wash a dog--  any dog
also-- on the topic of chemicals--- i don't think i have to repeat the fact that we have chemically free dead mice--  we use only snap traps---   which are then plastic bagged ( often with the trap if you stomach has trouble with it )  and placed in the guest house freezer.
they wait there for the frozen rodent delivery committee it transport them to george for him to feed owls and hawks he is rehabilitating.
i do not want any poisons  of that type on the property-- see yesterday tirade on murphy's law--  i have nightmares about someone deciding to use some chemical mouse eliminator-- as linda once did--
we have mice--- and rats--squirrels and thousands of chipmonks-- all healthy
healthy mice are not nearly the problem a chemically dead mouse could be.. if  a pup atethat dead mouse the chemical would then be in the dog.
the building has one wall--- for practice--
because of the slope in the floor for drainage-- and the roof must be level--- each member of the wall will be slightly different legnth.
i now have to address the locations of the lofts  and the support of them ( down to the ground type small footing)
i am out of nails---  that could be a bad problem
 from vermont  we have----
Sorry not to have made a Mannie report.
We are all fine and cannot believe the wreckage only a short distance from our home.The locals have always told visitors that they can't get there from here,and now its true!
Life with a Great Dane continues providing entertainment.You said we should remember he is still a puppy. He is just delightful, very confident in meeting people when the assembly is a small group, doesn't like heavy trucks with engine braking,but then I don't either.
He gets a treat when he produces some result..he occasionally assumes the position but does nothing then looks expectantly,I look back ,wave the treat in such away that he gets the delicious fragrance, he looks resigned and resumes the position etc. I can see the wheels going round behind those innocent seeming eyes.He has a plan. I,ll tell you when it matures.
I have lost several articles of clothing since I started carrying  supplies of Hebrew National in my right hand trousers pocket I am almost sure that Mannie has something to do with it.
On the normality front:
The dishwasher died and we set of to buy a new one.The sign said"more or less" Great buy,one left reduced to and  indicated a figure 70% less. They said they would deliver it and so we went home and I wrestled the deceased outside to be collected.
This old house is always ready with a challenge. I contrived a method to enable us to  turn on the water  and fabricated the 3/8" pipe and connectors.This meant I would be able to connect up in minutes after the dishwasher arrived very early the next morning.
I don't have write the ending thus saving you valuable time.
Another win for this old house,the manufacturers of the dishwasher and the delivery mafia.
pick one for each category
Fittings as used by manufacturer changed 20 years ago,value engineered,not supplied and I had to buy new ones.
The delivery arrived around 4:00pm.
When we turned on the water the system refused to deliver hot water.
All the above dealt with by a lovely man called Richard.I am officially retried or ,if you like retired.
Best Wishes 
Mannie ,Violet Bernard
ps the dishwasher is GREAT

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