Monday, September 12, 2011

Sept 05, 2011

pictures are forthcoming i am sure--
a lovely half hour  was spent suggesting to 3 hens which way they should face- as they walked around the numbered table-
a loud cheer went up as a nice clean drop was made onto square #13 labeled  "whitney"   - ( so the scientific scale was not needed to determine the winner )
no bonus egg was produced--
the best news is the purchase of the numbers has paid for September's dog food 
$1335.00 will cover the food and some once a day vitamins for the month !!!!
i can not begin to tell you
but that never stopped me from trying. 
altho the couple of people who bought many numbers is wonderful... it is the people who participated with  $10 and  $20 donations which are really a vote of confidence too. 
this is a "we" project  big time- no way could i do it without all the volunteer support- 
 i must admit yesterday i mostly sat around and made monkey fists, ate corn and watched everyone else put it together.
who did what? 
 i am glad you asked
theresa stepped in to rescue my computer just before i put a sledge hammer to it.
greg filled a 3' hole the pups dug in the fence line
bud1 boiled corn--- a whole bushel of terriffic corn
bud2 and gwen numbered the table
stacey brought puppy toys ( and took jasper to give him a home)
lori sat with bobby  who is now devoted to her.
megan found lost items
paul and earlene did invaluable stuff--  including serving individual meals to chaos' pups--  who are screaming constantly--- and i am afraid they are just hungry.
discussion was had about a video feed of next month's.
i hope we can continue this
and all of you who bought  numbers will find a friend to do likewise
as these pups grow i expect our food bill will grow with them.
i will "open" a new wall later today for the first Sunday in october.
it must still be  possible for you all to go out there and look over the larger  pictures OF LAST MONTHS    by clicking on them--
there are a couple things about this memsaic program i still have to figure out..
for our purposes it functioned  !!
i think the rest of the world uses it to create a wall of photo's --
they don't know about chickens..
Here is an update on Heidi and her screeching.

Took her to the Vet on Thursday.  They did a rapid Lyme and it was positive but she also tested positive for another tick born disease I can't pronounce let alone spell.  They then determined that she had progressed to a level of 38.  My vet said they usually start treating a dog at around 30 so he thinks that's why she was yelping before being touch.  They gave her doxycycline and a pain med injection.  Within and hour she perked up and was back to eating and drinking but come Friday she was back to not getting up, not eating or drinking and yelping.  I was persistent and literally pushed her pills down her throat.  She was the same yesterday, no eating or drinking and my other dogs were very sad that she would not join them for play time in the yard.  I woke up this morning prepare to call you and bring her back to the Vet and to my surprise she jumped up out of her bed tale wagging and happy as a clam.  Eating and drinking like crazy.  She is definitely making up for two days of no eating or drinking.  She has not yelped or screech at all today.  In fact she is looking over my shoulder as I type this message to you.

I will update you again tomorrow.

Maria ( and Heidi) :)

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