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Sept 07,2011

puppy pondering of the day
chaos pups are noisy-- they are also hungry-- so we are feeding them 6 meals a day now--- but i am wondering if the early abrupt weaning because of her mastitis will have any effect on them in general-- at the moment they are jumpier than the rest--- so massive individual attention is recommended..
and the olive bunch spent their first day/night in the barn  -- in 9/10-- megan verified they were running around the circle from 9 to outside and in the #10 door-- and when i went down at 7pm  they were all out in the rain looking at me -- but ran in when i got in the alleyway-  so they should be fine.
pistol and pi spent the night with megan.. again..
works for me !
the back room/deck is getting rearranged daily to redo the chaos pups area. 
the rain is keeping me from progressing with the nut house.  i don't like electricity in the rain....
maybe i can set up the chop saw in the shop and just take measurements
HA--- fat chance--
 that would make a lot of firewood... 
i should have told stacy about the tiffany story--- it BEARS REPEATING --- IT  is something we should all constantly remember--
tiffany was a great dog--- greater than bailey.. AND.....
tiff  was the first dane i ever purchased- a lovely thing--- without exageration over 100,000 people patted that dog-- loose at the topsfield fair-- boston city hall plaza 4th of July mess- loose in the crowd of thousands- with that fool brass bed...
too many jobs to list
we were at some kind of family farm day at the pru- in boston with about 30 animals- and she was wandering the crowd- per usual- all of a sudden she ran to me growling and turning to look at a very nice looking - polite 12 year old girl- i had to hold her as the kid touched her- she wanted to chase her off-maybe bite--
the kid left- tiffany went back to normal
 for the next year- relaxed worked huge crowds comfortably
next year- the pru- same kid-same response-
so i have to remember that.
i could not trust any dog more than tiff- yet there was something about that one kid.
the only similar thing i have had with my bunch is one day they charged one of the volunteers with a bit too much enthusiasm and i flew to her rescue.
we went over everything- and the only thing we could come up with was--- she was an ms patient-- and her medications had been changed, she herself knew her "mouth tasted different on the new med..."
there  are things we just don't know.
jasper report--

from maria\
Hi There - The link for Chicken Bingo is on the front page of the website.  Notice I left out the Sh#t part :))  (I assume you don't want that on the front page).  Just send me the new link every month and I will change it.

Heidi - is doing well.  She is much much happier.  Tail is wagging again thank god!  She still shakes a little and she only yelped a few of times over the last few days but she is running around and eating/drinking again.  Her yelping just seems to be a warning that you are getting to close to her and being to rough.  Doxycyline seems to be doing the trick.  
Hi Carlene!  I knew you would be looking for an update, but I wasn't at work Monday so no computer.  We LOVE Jasper - what a sweet, good-looking dog!  He seemed to enjoy the ride back to NH...jumped right into the Jeep and made himself at home.  Introductions to our other dogs went well also.  He has made friends with our English Bulldog Elwood...they ran all around our fenced-in backyard until poor Woody was begging for a break.  Quite a sight as Elwood kept running underneath Jasper's tummy!  Zoe, our Neopolitian Mastiff, is the queen at home and let Jasper know a nice way.  I think they will be fine.  And poor Finnigan, our English Mastiff suffering from bone cancer, was frustrated that he couldn't play with his new brother.  Unfortunately, I don't think we will have him much longer.
Jasper was a bit timid, but managed to explore every inch of his new home and give it two paws up!  He had a healthy appetite, couldn't figure out the outside deck at first, claimed his new 5" foam bed as his own, figured out he could sleep on the big bed with Mom and Dad, thought the cats were way fun and hasn't had a single "accident".  All in all, a good couple of days.  It's funny - he is a few inches taller than the mastiffs and the perfect height for counter grazing.  Gotta' watch that!
Thanks again for trusting us to provide Jasper with a good home!
PS:  Almost forgot poop report....first poop was flat as a pancake, second poop nicely formed.
Stacey Kimberley Rogers

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