Monday, September 12, 2011

Sept 11, 2011

of course--- the hazel report--- she is now in the kitchen with  pumpkin ( also a bit skinney) and vanilla ( fatso-- for sleeping warmth)--
i don't know who did what  but we have distinct progress..
 not a flat poo in the bunch.  and lotsa bunches !!
the pups-- in general--- both litters--- need more spoon feeding/name calling--
 having reprimanded opal for stealing a spoonful of yellow's food... it took her a while to realize she had to wait for her name---
 this concept--listen to what is being said--- is so critical--- so make sure if you do this  that you have the names correct--  there are multi black pups--- with minimal markings...
and opal --yellow and bentley are ready for long distance name calling/spoon feeding..  another critical lesson.
maybe today we can do ear exam--- they might almost be standing-- we need inspection.,
we changed hillary's Saturday feeding schedule-- when you feed/etc here... you need to wander around and look at everything more often--- she cleaned the barn area all at once     did not notice that the house bunch had spilled thieir water bucket-- so at 1pm  when she brought them down to t he t tent they drank ravenously. that was the clue  something was wrong. 
this is my fault--- i have so often said --- have the water buckets in full view of anyone going by-- and everyone has been putting their bucket in the very corner  "out of the way" 
well this "out of the way" just is a bad idea.. you have to see it everytime you are around
and there is nothing wrong with 2 buckets--- we have enough---
'reason for 2 is not for quantity of water--- but duplication in case it gets tipped--- or a mouse goes for a lethal swim in one.
 i think we have to stop thinking chaos litter is just more noisy  and pay attention to why they might be more noisy.
we have had several problems with  this bunch-- and are too quick to declare it is because of some reason sworn  true by the internet... or some ad agency... and think for ourselves.
danm---  and i know better too--
i hope the blue bunch will be here today--- i need to have a hole dug for the  last post.   i could not use the tractor because i was afraid the ground might give way and the tractor would careen down the hill...  biggggg hill.
bless david   ( david --- as in tucker's david)--- he showed up with 2 kids in tow--
bailey worked overtime-- 2 kids--- a little timid with the huge dogs--- i put 2 short ropes around bailey's neck and she walked those 2 kids back and forth to the t-tent while david hammered. 
he is tall and not only can he use a skill saw higher than his head... but he can nail a 3"finish nail without bending it.
great skills.  he is also un phased by slicing things off to fit.
he said he would come by on Tuesday afternoon to bang  more nails .
so i went and bought nails---- and $196 worth of boards--  which ought to frame the 2/3's i have going.  like the roof.
true-ism of the day
she who does construction without enough nails is looking at disaster.
i changed the plan for the roof because of the distinct lack of paralell walls----
you can not use pre-formed identical truss' when the walls of the building wander a bit.  so it will be like the t-tent.  one board a a time.  lotsa ladder climbing.
robie got the pond grass cut yesterday-  there is plenty more if anyone thinks it would be fun to mow..
i put the mannie report here because there are people ( like ann) who are more experienced at this than i am.. send me your suggestions and i will forward them to bernard.
Mannie is well
He continues to be a gentle affectionate companion with a willingness's  to follow Me around and anticipate my need for help

I an devoting an increasing time to clearing up,walking him and all the time looking for him p r  p
recently is giving serious doubts about our ability to maintain a reliable routine  for pooping and or peeing.
He will ,without any sign we can see before hand, start urinating whilst we are in the room and looking at him. Same goes for fecal elimination.We are baffled but 
1: we do not yell at him.
2: He knows we do not approve,he lowers his head and looks sad..It has got to the stage that we dare not leave him in another room alone with all doors open..
3; His stools are mostly cylinders but looser to the point of diarrhea have occurred.

He is never left alone,his food is stored and served in care conditions,

What should we do
while we are in the room and looking at him
could  be mannie is standing there looking at them wondering "how do i get the message across?"

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