Monday, September 12, 2011

Sept 12, 2011

good morning
 you will be glad to know the  porch poopings are much better ( that is the olive pups... hazel and siblings)..
i have not received the bill for the albon yet....  albon must be the reason they are straightened out---- but maybe ... george... should we put these other pups on it too???  or should  i  try the tylan??  i have a big jar of that...
along with tylan ... i have empty capsules to fill with it--- because the starting dose of 1/4 a teaspoon would never get past the noses of even the hungriest of dogs..
i remember.... donna sittin g in the tv room filling capsules with the stuff-- all you have to do is open the jar and you can taste it's bitter flavor. 
maybe that should be a t-tent job--- in the fresh air...nice sitting down job  ... yuck
now on the topic of money
as you know----we donate these dogs-- even tho producing a trained dog costs us about $15,000-
so all of you folk who have one of our dogs... i think it is reasonable to ask that you encourage your friends and relatives to participate in the $10 chicken sh#t bingo monthly game   --
with a $500 prize and only 350- tickets to sell-- it is better odds than the lottery
having one of these  the first Sunday of every month would take the huge burden of paying for dog food   off our shoulders
An awful lot of people whip $10 out of their pocket  regularly for lottery tickets.
the October "wall " is a click off out web page...
or better yet... i will hand feed the address to you..
but you can refer friends to our web for access.
speaking of sitting down jobs 
on the "can't-- won't-- doesn't-- shouldn't"  topic
we have a new applicant-- nice college kid-- 
got to get them trained to my objection to using the "CAN'T" word.
somebody  ?earlene? said we should put all new applicant's parents  in the room with jade's mom for 20 minutes.
at any rate the gal tried walking with fido in harness--- she said it was the first time she had walked anywhere without her parents in a very long time.
boy-- bringing dad along would  put a quick end to a dating relationship.
i was amazed that fido went along with the test walk very nicely--- and did not spin in circles looking for megan--- good dog...
we do have some good dogs--- with a couple noteable exceptions..  pi-- aka  3.14
greg gets the prize for hole digging-  i have been avoiding digging the last post for the new nut house-- between the rocks and roots it is a discouraging location..- greg dug a hole so deep that if i drop a 8'post in it, it will drop out of sight.
he also lifted and banged away- and was a great help too
as with david--- he  takes levels and right angles as a suggestion only.
i was afraid to ask for help for fear someone would decide to straighten  this out-- when i worked overtime to have the floor tipped for runoff.-- but so far the roof is level.
i could get addicted to help-- it beats struggling --- and david said he had some time Tuesday afternoon to bash on...
ann made it to frankfurt--- i can not say i would have rushed to fly out of boston on sept 11th-- but she got there --
as for the 9/11 ceremony--- the singing of the stars spangled banner by the  children's choir in new york was so good-- that at the end i wondered if it was the same song as so many singers  struggle  with at ball games--  they did harmony and sync changes that made it a delightful change...
Monday-- back to a routine of out to practice late morning
no cut and pastes???