Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oct. 18th, 2011

short doggie today

mostly vanilla has learned to jump... no let me rephrase that--- climb over--- the kitchen barrier

for your education----she is a girl dog--- her male littermate does not climb over--- he hangs up half way with his back legs still inside the fence.

i think something stops him---he is a boy dog--- and he wails in complaint and needs rescuing.


as for dogs jumping bariers-- megan taught pi to jump the jumps in the arena

--- up to this point we could fence pi in with a knee high barrier which she would just look at.-- now she jumps them... this is progress???

the funny part is pi leaps the 18" barrier so high she would easily be clearing the 29" high counter tops.. and is soooo happy about her new ability.

great !


polly ran the details of mary by the office at brooksby--- like she is about a 750 pound donkey-- and they said they would like to have her come for a visit on the first floor.

this will need organization--- duct tape covering her feet/shoes -- and best thing is a pail full of carrots with the tops still on them so they are easily identified--- the person with the carrots walks behind--- and should mary lift her tail-- you drop the carrots and catch whatever happens.

we need a volunteer with quick reflexes--janine has that detail perfected---

there are very many funny stories about this kind of project

the worst being a 2000 pound draft horse on stage at the emerson theater in boston and a 5 gallon bucket PLUS my brand new ll bean jacket


but i have things to do...

like educate the dogs about the wheelchair lift-er on the coa van...

pistol is getting better about the trucks on the highway --- this is not to say 100% cured--- she is achieving boredom--- but could still have flashbacks

theresa is here today

megan has short day with colleen coming mid afternoon.

and i am hammering.