Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oct. 2, 2011

last day

just one brick .... all of you... one brick ---- many already have....

so far we have only about half the dog food paid for this time...

one brick each would do it.

and tomorrow we will have the sh#tting at 3pm and i am told it can be live-- but those directions will have to follow....

megan.... tim ...how????


the walls arrived yesterday and are in a pile by the tea tent-

we had a minor police/tractor incident yesterday -- bonnie tried to drive our tractor home and got severely reprimanded by the ipswich police-and told to go home0 which she did

this meant both tracctors were stuck at her house---


bless the topsfield fair parade --- today is the one day of the year when topsfield is full of tractors and strange things to entertain the topsfield police-- bonnie actually lives in topsfield-- so if we come out onto rt 97 and run for home- we stand a good chance of getting here..-- by the time we are actually in ipswich we will be within 1/4 mile of the driveway--- there is some "farm rule"

it may involve a farm plate-- i forget--but it has to do "within 1/2 mile" maybe---

if they ticket me i will tell them to call someone else at 4am with a loose horse. -- i have caught 2 midnight wanderers in ipswich and 2 in topsfield... so i should have some credits...

if bonnie can follow me in her truck???? actually i would need picking up too

bonnie???? if we get it done before the end of the parade (10:00) we will have fewer police to deal with.


lori discovered the web of russian dogs there are a lot !!

http://www.greatdane.ru/eng/puppies/451 nice short body harl male rest of the litter has "tight eyes" so hopefully he does too/

i have emailed them--- in russian--- thanks to google translations

it is a crap shoot-- breeding dogs in general is a crap shoot


a worldly comment--

tim took pistol to bentley warren ( a gravel/stone/sand dealer up the road) for 2 days--- and the second time they came with a tractor and asked him to leave---so i called them-- to appologise and explain--the secretary laughed and then said "with a murder next door ( the chinese restaurant guy) and robbery of skips variety ( 1 block away) and robbery of the georgetown liquor store ( within a mile) i did not know why the same car would be parked in our driveway 2 days in a row,,,, "

people ARE more alert than ever before !

i explained and she said we are welcome to come on in and sit amid all the trucks and tractors all we want.

i said i would call with a heads up.

thAT IS EXACTLY WHAt pistol needs.


also pistol talks.. she woke me up at 3:30 and had to go out--- which she did

it is such a delight to have no poo in the house

the pups are all on an in - out deal in the back room.


today will be staple day-- probably insulation day--- it is dry in the nut house

then maybe one wall to look at----


Luna, You should be very proud of your Daughter Tessa! She is a great and eager worker! Very bright too!
From reading before coming there it seemed Tess liked leaving stores more than going shopping. She's done a turn around 180 degrees now. (Seems I like shopping trips less than She does) She hurries into the store and likes to try another isle just to make sure We haven't forgotten anything before going to checkout lines. (go figure huh?)
Tess is a real trooper in the rain also! From reading the doggie daily I was under the impression as a rule Danes don't like to do rain or wet. Proving there is an exception to every rule Tess doesn't balk at all about walking in the rain! She even seeks out puddles and walks in everyone She is allowed to! She just gets Her leash on and heads out with me (shaking Herself off every few minutes) no trying to turn back or rushing to get out of the rain, no grumbling or telling me what She thinks of the weather just content to be by my side doing whatever we're doing. We're melding into a great team and enjoy working with each other She is one great Dog and Partner! I know I should not brag about Her so much but I can't help it! Good job Luna and SDP! Sincerely Al&Tess