Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oct 6th, 2011

pretty dull doggie

if we can get that nuthouse dryed out today we can proceed -- the unfinished roof did not leak--- but rain blew in the open door-- & we need a second layer plywood on the dryed floorr maybe that bullet heater??

then a bit of sawing to make the outside of the building flat enough to nail up t-111

there are a few odd bumps..

"it would never be noticed from a trotting horse"

other than that...... the pot belly stove should be arriving soon-- that will help dry the place out.


i have decided it is not my back giving out that is causing the dowagers hump, it is my oversized tummy causing the forward tilt..


rainy day meant indoor STUFF - like megan spent time in kennel 8 - that is the one with the geriatric ramp ( not as steep as the other kennels) she had chaos' pups and taught them to go up and down.. good project.--

i took a bunch in the coa van to hame depot-
they need car travel
i did apply to home depot for 10 x 30 vinyl flooring-- they do have a community outreach program-- i should hear today--
recovering from MDD - mechanical destruction day-- the tractor, my golf cart- and the power chair all quit working the same day.
tractor semi repaired-- the squirting hose has been replaced and the dribbling one still dribbles.
a squirting hose is very exciting--it drenches the driver in hydrolic oil in split seconds. ....to dribble is nearly normal
the golf cart repair guy is due here today-- it has been ailing for weeks and finally gave up the ghost on the hill
the power chair fixer came and said "just how old is that??"-- nice guy-- but a lot of ridiculous questions like "do you have the manual?"
he took the joy stick arm away to a friend who might be able to fix the on off switch for "a couple hundred dollars" which is better than a new joy stick for $700. he declared the batteries fine--- and told me they would be $500 if i had to relpace those--- and he took the cover away to wash and wax it because he couldn't stand to put it back together with 1" of sand on it..
i never checked craig's list-- but he said this is a nice old chair--- which should work fine again.
my question ----as he crawled around on his hands and knees --- why do companies put serial numbers in the most inaccessible places-- like the back of tv's which are advertised as "flat against the wall"
my other discovery is that the chair just drops into the frame with the motor-- no screws/bolts or duct tape-
like the caboose i used to have-
when they delivered the caboose i was shocked to see that the "cabin part"just drops into the wheel piece with one "pin"-- no cotter pin- no nothing --- one pin... one hellova big pin... but a simple straight pin.
gravity is a wonderful thing --- sometimes
slim pickins in the cut and paste department--

DiDi is my world. She has saved me numerous times from falling already, has kept me walking straight, and has kept me moving when fatigue sets in.



the November WALL is up the sh#tting will take place Sunday nov 6th

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