Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oct 7th

excitement of the night-- just about asleep when a pup screamed more than once-- so it was not another up chewing on an ear.. it takes 14 seconds for me to get downstairs and to their area-- when i did -- all was quiet-- and i almost left when i counted pups--- there were supposed to be 2 harls -- and i had only 1-- luckily i spotted the rear end of fiona stuck around behind the feed barrel-and with a little jockeying she slipped out very annoyed... otherwise ok.

i do not know how people who raise golden retrievers manage- all the pups look alike- and if it wasn't for the hArl color i might have missed fiona.


we need to set up the barriers again for keeping them in the kitchen where it is warmer... they are currently in a puppy pile-- but not toasty warm..


a new van has been donated--- it is a thing of beauty--- 2002 dodge conversion van-

sort of normal looking-and slightly smaller than the coa handicap van- this means the ambulance probably could go- after it is thru being a portable shed for the kennel rebuilding project.


great progress on the new kennel (the "nut house") the front exterior walls are up

today's plan

paint the rest of the t-111 and

set up the scaffolding in prep for some kind of roofing yet to be decided..

hopefully we will have some heavy duty lifters this sunday---

and the wood/coal stove should be here next week.

home depot said they might have flooring for us-- and i will go back today

it is getting chilly and we need to get everyone warm


tufts vet school is looking for mothers milk ( doggie mothers that is) i have told them we might have some on thanksgiving--- they only need a teaspoonfull from a 10 dogs that weighs over 40 pounds.. gigi is certainly that !

i have tried to milk a dog before--- it is not a simple proceedure-- and a breast pump is good only in theory.


i spent quite a long time on the phone with mark--of tower of hope-- he strongly suggested- we send in not only the vets-- but family of vets--- placements so this morning i will be in touch with several of you who have one of our dogs and are a "milatary family"

there are a few more who qualify for sponsorship--let's hope--- that money will help us develop the bunch of pups we now have..

crimson and charlie are coming along fine-- crimson has a great attitude-- charlie is VERY HAPPY and is working on achieving boredom- he loves everybody.


other than that-- we need puppy minders-- they need the name calling/spoon feeding exercise-- along with wearing them out on puppy hill.


karen and didi

She seems to be slowly adjusting to school life but still does not appreciate it when faculty or students come up and pet her when I am talking to someone in the hall or elsewhere. She is loved by everyone she has encountered in the building and the temptation to pet and love her is too much for several faculty members and students. I have scolded students informing them that when they call her name in the hall, she is distracted and not able to do her job. I think they are finally getting the point.



i don't usually--- but this is amazing

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