Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sept. 16th

ears are very close to being up -- we are currently witgh just a smal bit of tape and tye wrap supporting -- stuck to the outside of the ears with that medical body cement.


the remains of 30 years of movies and ads as animalepisodes-- came to roost yesterday when an old friend from the business called-- they need a harl dane for a boston wedding shot down in RI maybe newport---

everybody is excited so we will pack the van with people and dogs and have at it--- for a donation to serv dogs-- we will take both ears up and natural ears-- my guess would be bailey and bobbie--- but it could be pistol and fido or jasper if we think we can travel with bobbie and jasper in the coa van.. should be able to... red blood is such a bad thing on a photo shoot.

speaking of that.....i remember ( here we go again---) i had to go to new york for a shot they could not find ny dogs to do-- it was "rub a dub dub- three danes in a tub" -- simple enough---EXCEPT the tub was white and one of them must have just come in heat on the way down... much talk of a broken toenail and many many papertowels later they got the shot they needed and paid good money.



david--- i need some details of the flooring you spoke of---

the roof is in design phase---

the ambu make a perfect storage shed--

i will leave it registered til we pick up the roof plywood-- that could be tomorrow????


alan ( a person) comes today for a few overnights in the cabin - with a real serious look at matching jobs and skills. alan had a serv dog before ( not ours)-- so he doesn't need the public access lecture

hey dawg report--- (husband jerry was dog sitting with him)

Wednesday, Sept. 14.

Today, Jerry and HeyDawg went on an adventure. Our first stop was the Wenham Town Hall. After a quick stop to say hello to the Town Clerk and get a cookie, we headed up the stairs to say hello to Traci. Her office has a nice rug. The town hall hallway floors are bright and shiny. When Hey turned around to come back out, he kind of freaked out. He would take a step or two into the hall and would leap back in. I let him catch his breath and we tried again. On the third try, he finally came out.

Next it was to the Board of Health office where I had some work to do. I took his leash off and let him wander around. I knew he wouldn't go back into the hallway without some coaxing. He did go from desk to desk checking out people, got another cookie, but most of the time, he was laying down, on the rug, by my side. When I was finished, we took the elevator down, got into the car and headed for the Hamilton-Wen ham Community House. Inside there were two women and three dogs. One dog was not too friendly so they put him into an office. The two little ones made friends with Hey upon sight. They were jumping up and down and wanted to play with him. Hey just stood there looking down at them trying to figure out what they were doing. Hey did good.

he next stop was the Hamilton Council on Aging building. We walked in during a COA board meeting. There were about 15 or 20 people there. The Director, Susan Carp, was chairing the meeting. Among other things, she also is responsible for the COA vans. The building has two wings. One is a large, tiled, room on the left where the meeting was being held and another large room on the right with a carpet. That's where we settled in. Again, Hey wondered around checking out furniture (no people in this wing) but most of the time he was laying down by my side. A few times I wandered into the meeting to comment. Hey stayed put. When the meeting was over, the members were standing around talking. I joined them and called for Hey to join us. He did. He was very popular with the group. A number of times I was asked if was ok to pat him. Again, Hey made me proud.

At this time my cell phone sounded. It was my bride. She knew I was taking Hey to the town hall but not on an all morning adventure. She had just arrived home and asked “where's my Hey doggie?" Never the less, I decided the adventure was over and headed home. Hey hit his couch and slept all afternoon. Me too.


Hey, Jerry and Gay

keep those cut and paste's coming