Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sept 20th, 2011

biggest news is that indy has a tummy ache-- as of last night was eating a little maybe slightly better

bloat can happen totally at random-- and if anyone says they know the reason, ask them why they are not multimillionaires..

so bud-- when people tell you why it happened... just smile--- they might be right--- but no one has proven a thing.

and the internet rumor mill makes it worse.

i remember..... here we go----

when i was a kid-- polio was around- and the way you got polio was to exercise then drink too much cold water.

that's how old i am because THAT rumor was related to the one that if you had a hot sweaty horse you must not give them a big drink of cold water--- or they would colic... and i am not sure they knew why a horse collic'd either.


say it often enough and people would believe anything.

my sister told me--- when i was about 8--- that if truman got elected the world would come to an end-- i worried about that for days.


so anyway....

megan jacky and i think quincy katie spent the day at a mansion in rhode island with frankie and pistol for a "boston wedding" photo shoot.

big mansion-- green grass--white BIG steps-courtyard

tough day

they had to sit there on the beautiful lawn for hours in the nice breezes


while here on the farm----

greg got 1/3 the roof on the nut house done

and he has done such a nice job i am ashamed to continue

it won't match

but i will try


and wayne and lyn arrived for a visit-- ( wayne cashman-- as in bruins with bobby orr- stanley cup etc) lyn and i have been round the block together,-- she is a knowlegable animal person-- as we sat in the t-tent she noted how well our danes move-- an odd comment--- but a huge compliment-- she knows things like horses and movement.

she was the one who improved my training 100%

once i compained about a dog walking in front of me too often, she said" you dummy you are telling him to do that with your other hand pulling across in front of you"

second set of eyes always welcome.

so we sat-- while paul enjoyed the privlidge of loading lumber into the van at home depot with wayne cashman. wayne is never one to sit still and lyn and i had a lot to talk about--so he went on errands with paul and tom.

they are wandering the countryside in an RV with a bunch of little dogs. lyn said she could live in that 100% and easily give up the horse farm in ocala.

interesting. she was serious.--- also she no longer has horses.


today schedule

9am-recheck the breeding dates for luna and check that it is not tooo early to xray her and see exactly what is going on. we know one huge pup of unknown status.

then tim will be around to play with pistol-- and see if we can get a rroutine going so he could help with her aversion to trucks and air brakes and maybe get some papertowels at costco

serv dog project without any papertowels is not a pretty thing.

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