Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sept. 21, 2011

biggest news--- alison is great with child--- actually children


Hi Carlene,
I'm 12 weeks pregnant...with identical twins! Yes, we were definitely shocked at first and still are to some extent, but also very happy and excited. :-) Women carrying twins are expected to gain 35-45 pounds. Do you think Spot's back/shoulders will be able to handle that? I walk with her about half time and use my w/c the rest of the time. I've only gained 6 pounds so far so I'm not worried about her yet.


i see no reason she can't pull your chair-- just explain that to her.

*****************next biggest news

luna is not great with child--and a removal of what was puppies and spay is planned thurs/Friday

she is not an ideal candidate for surgrery-- too fat and probably an infected uterus?


next news sterling and gigi have not got it together yet--- i think it is early--- and am betting on success thurs thru Monday


tim puppy sat last night so tom and i could go out with the cashmans--- first time out in a very long time--- since birth of pups???

tim is going to work with pistol-- actually megan and i are going to work with pistol-- she has been happy to forget all she knew- plus the fact that tim has not spent time with her enough so she realized he is the one she is to pay attention to

she is a character and will be a fun dog-- hopefully enabling him to walk while entertaining others in rehab.

he is coming back today--

hanging out is so important-- he needs to learn to "read" her better. you watch the top of her head and you can get a good idea of what she is thinking.

and she needs car rides-- as soon as she stops jumping in the front seat. megan can deal with that one.

even with cars passing she rolls her eyes.. where is the boredom factor????


i already sent out marks weekly puppy pictures--- which were taken before greg got 1/3 the roof rafters up.


geeks squad due here today---8am - i probably ought to clean this desk so they can find my computer


since th e pups just fell asleep--- i want to get a few minutes to go out and play with my mental blocks


theresa should be here today---


i am tod there are 5 new horses in the barn--- one needing vet care of some sort-- with a great flurry of activity-- janine moved her riding horse out just before they arrived. she plans to hunt that horse this fall and did not want him exposed to all the germs which are bound to come in with these rescues.\

mary seems to survive whatever...


as for training... we are back at the bottom with crimson , charlie and siblings..

that is a tough transition

you don't realize how well trained our dogs are until you start at the bottom with a puppy again.

goal of the day-- each of you get one person to buy a brick today

i check it constantly--- so far we don't have the $500 prize paid for-- but it is close...

i think we can send out the sh#tting live cam this next time -

that would be 3:00 on Sunday October 2nd

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