Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sept. 23, 2011

luna is back on duty--- moving a little slowly-- not capable of fending off chaos and bailey--- but with someone in attendence-- they behave..

since you all like the details-----

i am amazed at george's capabilities thanks to an education--

a few visuals paul and i were witness to as bits and pieces of luna dripped onto the floor...

he was literally up to the wrist in the hole in upside down luna he would pull out a handful and inspect it -- then stuff it back in-- then he would be happy to find something the size of dental floss -- tie several knots around it- explaining that that one thread could make her bleed out in short order---

at which point i am wondering when he had his bifocals checked...

and i am remembering tom's comment about operating on a fat person-- "the gloves get slippery".

there was a lot for me to worry about---

luna has to have had about 4 pounds of STUFF removed--

paul and i looked over the contents of the dishpan which contained the 4 pounds-- there was nothing distinguishable as a puppy at least to paul and i-
after he had luna's tummy back together---george pulled several globs out of the dishpan and told us what they were... but in our lack of scientific education--- globs is what they were.--not unlike the stuff that is delivered with live pups in a normal delivery...
i hope you all enjoy your breakfasts.
one tidbit i did pick up from george ws that spaying a female before her first heat cycle slightly reduced the incidence of breast cancer
which means....... we have 3 females and charlie to get done very soon... theresa... book em????
there is not a lot of training info-- crimson and charlie are the most mature of that 4 pups-- so we are onto them-- it is a shocker to go from trained to beginning puppy again...
or i should say educated...
chaos is clanking the food cans ..
and i have a grant thing to write
serena gave me the name of someone who might fit gwen's job search..
anybody else have anyone looking for a job in the charlton area????
gwen has posted 3 jobs from simple computer stuff ( turn on and off) to managing programs etc