Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sept. 25, 2011

george reports on katie's xray- basically he is not sure what it is either- not typical anything-- but cancer is not ruled out either.

the immediate problem is what to do about it--- leave her home to rest... take her with you( jade) and just don't ask her to pull or push etc... somehow leaving her home for 2 weeks would be upsetting to her if you could manage to cut down her activity while she is with you.

like go study at the library alot??????

also unless she is in terrible pain, i would not give her pain med.. this would encourage her to walk on 3 legs and rest the other.

when and where is that conference you are to speak at with allison?


re: the nuthouse...

the roof is nearly done thanks to greg..

i hate to think how many ton's of lumber are stuck on that hillside,

greg proved the sturdiness by doing chin-ups on the rafters

and he ain't light.--- but nothing moved....

on the blue dog front---- sterling and gigi managed a tie yesterday

stay tuned...


puppy wise...

karen sent a friend to puppy sit yesterday-- i missed his name but he spent a few hours entertaining the 6 pups on puppy hill.

i hope he comes back-


and then we mixed the 2 litters without too much mayhem--- in "V"

"V" was small for that number of pups 7+6+3 ( the hats)

we went thru a lot of cardboard--- and the pen could stand a raking today--- it has too many wet leaves.

we could let them all loose if we had enough people to chase them--- and we did not have the laundry water to deal with.


laundry water

we are doing so much laundry that the dry well is not dry---

molly's father thinks the dry well is just clogged with dog hair and dirt again... it never occurred to me that there would be enough great dane hair for it to be a problem-- but it was a few years ago.

sooooo we will try just pumping -- and if that does not work then we will have to digg up some other solution.


stewing today-- it is getting to be that weather when the wood fire is a really good thing-and not just a smokey tradition.


----about our stew pot it needs to be rejuvinated again..

maybe marini's still has corn???