Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sept. 25th, 2011

best and worst of the day

best- luna is looking nearly normal- there isn't even minimal drainage- i take back all those thoughts i had about george's bifocals

worst is jade took katie to the vet's with a sore shoulder of a week or so duration-- they said it could be cancer-- took an xray-


of all the nonsense. it apparently is a digital xray too-- and they could not get it read 2 minutes after they took it????

that needs some explaining as far as i can see.

at any rate--- we wait-

i also suggested they send it to george.

there are a lot of shoulder things it could be--- however....

if it is cancer i am going to have to hand her off to ann- who has been there.

in all probability all of us will outlive every dog currently on the property. we give them a happy life.

with that happy thought--

i will rush on- i have that letter to write---

and i have had nightmares about the building sliding down the hill-- some of those posts are down below the frost line--- but not all of them.

we--- greg---is nailing a lot of lumber together--- it is getting heavy-- should be fine. it definitely will be interesting.

the porch on the main house is "moving" - same hill --same soil

ellen has managed to get us another van-- i have n idea what exact kind--- but she said "he will leave the seats in as you requested"... so apparently it has seats--- she called it a conversion van

the ambu is a perfect portable shed---


in the would you believe it department--- someone emailed me asking if they could bring a group April 4th 2012.

right !

the rest of the story is that they are putting together a calandar and want to put that date in.


go right ahead--- but you are dealing with someone who can't keep tomorrow organized...


the hey dawg report

Good morning Carlene,
Hey and I had quite a busy Tuesday. As part of my job, I visit employers who have interns or are interested in learning about our internship program. Tuesday, I did an on-site visit at MetLife in Danvers and Hey went with me. You may recall it was a rainy day but we persevered and found the handicapped access but were faced with a revolving door. A gentleman who was taking a break offered to open a regular door so we could proceed. The guard made me sign in and then the man from out side walked us to the elevator. When we reached our floor, the door opened on to bright green, shinny marble flooring.
I pretended it wasn't there and Hey walked along with me. Since my contact had difficulty in finding an open conference room, we walked quite a bit on the marble. In the conference room, Hey did a down/stay at my chair side. He was a perfect guest and we departed with out incident into the pouring rain. Finally we found my car and we were off.
After lunch, I had a division meeting at a different campus, the Aggie campus. We sat in the car until it was time to go in. A great place to have many school buses drive by, loud and air breaks. He was okay. The meeting was held in the cosmetology lab. Beauty chairs were set in a wide oval and we went across the shinny floor and chose a seat at the far end of the oval. Again Hey did a great down/stay behind me. A few minutes into the meeting, I heard a soft grrr from Hey. I reassured him all was well. Another grr and I turned around. Hey was looking up at a long shelf with many manikin heads looking at him. No wonder he was concerned. Finally, he turned around so the heads were not in his sight. Yelena, a faculty member, was sitting beside me. As the meeting was about to break up, she turned to me and said "Is that a dog behind you?" I said yes and explained he was my service dog. She responded that she was afraid of dogs, but if he was a service dog, then he probably wouldn't bit her. I responded that if she was afraid, she could exchange seats with Patty who was at the other end of the oval. She thought it over and decided to stay. Which she did. We left without incident and returned home where Hey had a well deserved treat and then a long snooze.
Hey, Gay and Jerry


hey and his aversions to slippery floors

I pretended it wasn't there

that is the key to this problem


the mannie report

I had decided to excercise droite du seugnoir as it were by showing my pass from The Service Dog Project and visiting BJ ......Manny and we were returning from a visit to my neurologist.She still hadn't come up with a cure but said she was sure I was alive and I had better get on with it.
Amazingly the doorman recognized Manny and we had a good trip around with smiles and nice things exchanged.The previous night we had stayed at the Beechwood near UMass and no amount of walking around the grounds had persuaded him to enrich the soil. Whilst Burness was still shopping I set off to give the lad an opportunity.
I hit the sidewalk with both hands at my side and landed on my face,nose first and I was sure I heard it Squash. Like one does,one did an inventory and started with what could be seen.Half a pair of spectacles,a nose with a leak of some red stuff and a disinclination to do anything about moving.....there was a big black dog standing there.He looked calm, so did I.
I cannot tell you how many people came and wanted to help or call 911.If ever you are in trouble go to Greendield MA.The people were loveley.
A guy we had been talking to in BJ went to find Burness and tried to persuade her I needed a surgeon and she should make sure I was taken to the hospital.Several men told me I lost a lot of blood and several more said I was getting clammy.A very cross lady said that I reminded her of her father in law......apparentley he is a mule.Long story short ...two guys hoisted me erect .put me in the car and Burness,Manny and I went to our local Medical center.
I looked in the mirror this morning and thought I saw Rocky Balboa.

All through the fun Manny stayed calm.He keeps coming up to me now and running that wiskery nose over the funny looking makeup I am sure he thinks I am wearing
What can I say
Thank You


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