Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sept. 26th, 2011

this dd used to be what was going to happen..

not so

lately it is a historical document

we had our 3 assigned near disasters yesterday-- 2 provide a learning experience.

luckily early sandy noticed water pouring out of the guest house-- the source- in the "laundry closet" was spraying high and wide- she and bud fought their way in and tamed the beast with a towell after getting drenched. i think paul fixed that one.


and mary-- lovely sweet mary-- made a mistake- there was a woman her who had had a stroke years ago-- and one arm/hand was immobile-- mary mistook it for a carrot and bit down - causing her to scream-- at which point chaos wanted in on the action.

earlene yelled-- i yelled-- chaos dropped out of sight slinking away.

Sunday sandy appeared immediately with ice.

2 big lessons there.

we have been too lax in hand feeding mary-- and i knew better - i have not stopped people from handing her a carrot and let her bite off a chunk. never again - murphy's law won again...

and it demo'd my theory that many dogs will join in any noisy activity-- the screaming child being led by mom - i have seen many news articles about being attacked by some dog under those circumstances... the wild instinct is there-- chaos was ready.

i remember----

the great gadsby dinner dance in andover - i had my 8 perfectly trained danes wandering around -"working the crowd"

and then people started to dance and i noticed these 8 lovely dogs were quietly all beginning to circle the dance floor. i stopped them easily--- luckily i noticed before they sprang.

same instinct-- chaos wanted in what she considered "fun"


and then there was tucker

i saw a crowd near the barn-- megan was there so i dismissed it as "covered" .... then new people took their pup out of their car.

tucker dove-- knocking the child down.. i was too far away to do anything about that-- megan must have grabbed tucker--- a split second too late ---- i am not sure why he was loose with a new dog getting out of a car--- the kid seemed to recover. no bite but he is big and did knock her flat trying to get at that pup.. and there were other dogs loose too... bad concept.

we should have been on top of that deal. these are big dogs... we need to pay attention better... they are dogs and have their own rules...which sometime conflict with ours.


meanwhile greg quietly working away --- got the roof on the nut house


and sterling tied gigi again 12 minutes so we should have a pregnant dog 63 days blue puppies - somebody keep track. that lands it about thanksgiving day????

great- everybody will go visit relatives in kansas and i will be left sleeping on the floor all by myself

i hope george is not in africa ( he is going sometime around there)


lori has located a web which is very interesting--- dane pups in russia

it is a long list--- i like a lot of the russian dogs--- many are blocky chunks like bobby

go thru the list--- it is long
and if you find something promising run it by lori loriannt@comcast.net

if we get picky there are a lot of harls there who's black is not quite black--- if we have a choice go for the black black spots-- and avoid the "merlequin" which cold actually be a genetically blue dog

for the experts remember there is a black out of blue--- and a black out of harl --- which look alike... black...
if someone got genetically careless they could have blue genes floating about a bloodline...



i have the paperwork ready for mr pappas ( guy earlene impressed at appleton farms.)

someone from the VA is due here 10:00 ish

polly/bailey has the usual brooksby deal at 1:00

luna will slide into that gig really well a "sisters" act

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